The Destined World
32 Vandy“s Hear
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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32 Vandy“s Hear

Marko hustled to look for him and he was worried about Vandy so much as he loved her by heart but he was not understanding her he was too excited for the training . He ignored her feelings and forget about her . But she couldn't leave all this as it is . She loved her by heart and she never forget about this .

She was so depressed and she was sad . She wanted Marko to love her and never forget her. But now when Marko didn't had Vandy around her , he recognised how important was she to him . He ran all the way to the market as he last saw her there . Marko searched almost all the area of the market .

He was so frustrated and he became restless as soon as time passes by . Marko was not finding her anywhere . He wander everywhere but he was unsuccessful . Marko was upset for what he had done . The last places to search were the park , the school and the playground . Marko thought of the places she would like to go but he couldn't find he thought only of some places and only the park suits her personality . He went to the park as soon as possible . Marko was all tired and loose all his breath . Marko went inside the park and lookes for her everywhere he couldn't find her anywhere a thought strike his mind and he thought that he didn't knew Vandy well so hd was depressed and he sat on a bench that was right next to him .

He was out of breath and he was all depressed . Marko let Vandy down and he also didn't understand his feelings . Vandy was not found anywhere . Marko suddenly warmth behind him and he suddenly looked back . He saw the sun sinking slowly in the water . He looked at the sun and sighed . He moved towards the edge of the park . He slowly moved towards the edge and depressed seeing that . Marko was on the edge and suddenly he saw someone on the edge . Marko was shocked to see the face . There was Vandy sitting all depressed and looking in the sun but by the look on her face anyone can tell that she was sad and she was deep in her thought . Marko felt more miserable by seeing this .

But as a man it was his duty to face the reality and accept it . Hs went towards Vandy and sat next to her . Vandy was surprised to see Marko there . Marko slowly held her hand and made her feel relaxed he was so sad to see her sad . He said " Vandy I'm sorry I made you sad for no reason I didn't gave you time a d space I only thought about myself and I totally ignored your feelings , I'm really very sorry please forgive me " . He was so regretting it so much that it was recognisable in his voice . Vandy stopped him while crying she was happy that Marko hasn't forgotten her and he still have feeling for her .

Vandy said happily and her tears couldn't stop " Marko don't cry and curse yourself , I was not totally your fault I was equally responsible for doing this I thought that you have forgotten me but it was wrong now I know that you truly love me and you will never leave me . " They both didn't felt but they very close to each other . Marko felt it first and then Marko in the heat of the moment kissed her . Vandy's eyes widened at first she didn't expected this but she now felt that it was true so she closed ger eyes and enjoyed by her side . Marko and Vandy both enjoyed the smooch they were caught in the moment suddenly some voices broke out and when they saw ut was Emily and Shreya . They both felt so embarrassed they looked away and there faces turned red after all the commotion they left and now everything felt great as all the problems were solved and all that is left is the training camp .


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