The Destined World
33 First Day of Training
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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33 First Day of Training

After a huge amount of problems and hardships finally Marko and Vandy had a heart to heart conversation they become true to each other and shared their feelings. By that time Marko's dad already knew about them and they had already been approved .

After reaching home they went to their rooms and slept and the morning was quiet .No one talked about anything .Everyone meet up at the hall and in their armours . Vandy was wearing her usual armour,Shreya and Emily were also the same . Marko's dad was wearing his dominating armour . Everyone was here expect for Marko and just as everyone was waiting he entered he was not his usual self he was wearing a black armour made out of dragon scales and with a golden finish to it .

The armour looked so good on Marko that it looked as if it was meant for him .

He went to Vandy and asked " How do I look ? "

Vandy didn't answered her and looked away , her cheeks and ears turned red .

Marko knew she didn't want to answered so he asked again "Hey Vandy tell me how I look ? Do I look good ? or Not ? "

Vandy still wasn't able to answer so she juat nod her head instead of saying anything .

Marko wanted to tease Vandy so he asked again but his dad stopped him and said " It doesn't matter how you look the power lies in you and not in your armour ,even if you do not have anything you can fight with bare fists " Marko looked at his dad and nod . His dad enchanted an unknown spell and a portal opened .

Marko asked Vandy " I had heard you a lot of time enchanting teleportation spell but this feels different ".

Vandy explained " The spells I use can only transport you to places having magic stones , but this spell can send you to anywhere ".

Marko understood everything and felt good that his father can do a lot of great things . They all went to the portal and the portal doesn't feel power consuming but it felt as if it was replenishing magic .

They entered a wooden house and it seems shabby and full of dirt . Marko's dad sked them to put there stuff down and come outside . All of them went outside and saw a beautiful view of sun rising up and the land below full if trees and far as they can see .

Marko felt good and energetic . He asked his dad about training as he was full of spirit . Marko' dad smiled and said " Kid don't hurry before we go, you will be a different person " .The first thing Marko was ordered was to get rid of this armour and only use his body without any kind of magic . After all that his dad told him to do the first task .When Marko heard that he was about to get his first task he got excited . But his hopes were broken as he was asked to clean the house from in and out by afternoon . He got angry but still he believed in his dad and cleaned it .

All the others were relaxing and Marko was cleaning the house . In the afternoon Marko finally cleaned the house . Marko's dad went to see how the house is ? He was accompanied by Vandy and Shreya while Emily was napping . Vandy and Shreya were surprised after seeing the house . House looked simple from outside but it was literally sparking and all the things looked new .

Marko felt proud ,his dad was checking everything and his eyes catch something . He saw dust on corners of window and gave him 5 out of 10 he scolded him and cut his food for afternoon . He sent him to the jungle to collect firewoods and after that he had to make food .

Marko took the sword and went to jungle . On the other hand Vandy was feeling sorry for Marko as she never saw Marko feeling this angry . She also wants to help him but she couldn't do anything . She couldn't do anything .

Marko went deep in the jungle and found some dry woods . He slashed the tree by his sword and was about to cut it but a group of gaint frogs appeared and Marko was a little weak by all the work . But he didn't step back and hold his sword tight and go for the kill .


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