The Destined World
34 The Mysterious Man
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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34 The Mysterious Man

Marko moved forward with his sword but in his condition he was too weak to take on the frogs . He used his brain and went back , but the frogs were much intelligent than he anticipated . They followed Marko on his way back and they were way than him . Marko mumbled to himself "Just what kind of place is this , even the creatures here are suspicious " .

Marko rushed back he concentrated solely on moving back . But he was slow and the frogs attacked him . He somehow managed to block their attacks and move forward .Suddenly Marko felt a pure and tremendous aura rushing towards him he ran faster.

But Marko was a bit slow and lack training . He was slashed by a water blade of great magic . Marko fell onto the ground and took huge breaths .Marko fell and he saw big figure standing in shadows and said " Welcome son of the guardian , hope you like your stay here " . Marko's voice was hardly audible but he said " Just what are you ? " The figure didn't answered him and left .

Marko felt uneasy and he became unconscious . He saw himself standing in a jungle under a tree and a man came with white robe and pale skin standing with his back towards Marko. He asked Marko " What do you desire ?" Marko was surprised he asked "who are you ?" . The person said " I am you " Marko was still confused and said. " Can you tell it in a way that I can understand " .

The person said " I will be anything that you want ,if you want destruction i will be calamity ,if you happiness i will be prosperous and bear fruits of happiness " Marko understand some of the things but couldn't understand much . The person asked again " What do you desire ?" Marko felt silent for a time and answered " I have want to be a simple person with a normal life " The person said "Is that truly all cause your aura says something else " Marko continued " You are true, I just want my friends ,family and all the innocent live in peace and be happy ever after " .

The person asked " Is it all my friend ? " Marko replied " Yes it is all i have to say " The person paused for a second and said " Ok if that'd what you want i will fulfill your wish and become a barrier that protects you..." with his words Marko broke out of his dream and found himself in a cottage . His memories were blurry and he couldn't remember properly . Marko saw Vandy and everyone after he woke up and when he woke up he felt he a little dizzy like he was struck hard on his head .

Marko asked everyone "Where am i ? " . He was answered by a voice he didn't recognised . The voice said " You are at my palace ,the toad village " . Marko looked at the person who was saying and he was surprised seeing that it was a toad who answered him . Marko said " Have I gone mad or is this toad actually speaking " Marko was answered by his dad he said " This is the great toad Gamamaru , he is oldest species that ever lived on this land and also the lord of toads." Marko looked at the toad but his mind was still stuck in the dream that he had . He unconsciously thought " Who was that guy ?" The great toad answered him " He was once my student and also the prince of this land " . Marko was too shocked to see how this toad read his mind .

The toad answered " Let me tell you about this it is a long story that i will tell you now " . The mysteries of this land are strange but it has to be solved .


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