The Destined World
35 The Tale Of A Toad
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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35 The Tale Of A Toad

When Marko woke up in the house of the king of the land . Marko was surprised to see a talking toad in real life . The toad started his long story and said " It was long long story when i was a young toad having a fighting skill no one had and also the next to the throne - " . Marko stopped him and said " Can you please start from ahead its a little to early " Gamamaru said " Ok " . When my kid was born he was a healthy boy with an incomparable magic affinity , so we named him Hagemaru . He was brought up by me alone and no one else .

He was so good at his training and I never needed to teach him anything. He had natural talent . As the time passes he became arrogant and full of himself . I only wanted him to be a very powerful warrior and he was the next hier to the throne . But he took part he dark practices and became evil . I soon took to the liberty to took him to the right path .

I fought him but became out of my league i gree old but he was in his youth . He rebelled and moved on his own . He fought you cause he thought you were strong and might get in his way . He was almost finished with his story but Marko interrupted in between and said " But how did he managyee to get in my dream " . The toad looked confused to what Marko was saying he said " I don't have a clue to what you are saying " .

Marko said " But aren't you talking about the person who was in my dream " . Vandy said " No , Marko he was talking about the person who attacked you in the jungle ". Marko get understood what happened and said " Ok , now I get it the person who attacked me was Hagemaru " . Marko led a confident face but inside he was so confused to who the person he saw in his dream . Marko suddenly felt a ache in his right arm and the pain strengthen . His sword also started vibrating and also he fell on the ground . Vandy got worried of Marko she held her and asked her to rest . Marko's thoughts were mixed and he couldn't help but think about the man in his dreams .

Marko got a lot worse afterwards and he remained like this for almost a day . Marko's dad was also worried but because he was with Gamamaru he didn't feared much . Marko's pain faded away gradually as time passed by the end of the day the pain faded . Marko woke up with his complete strength and he was on his full power but oddly he was feeling something strange in his body . Marko was hard guy but he lacked experience . Shreya and Emily were oddly quiet but they somehow felt unfit in this family type atmosphere . Marko , Vandy and Marko's dad were like a family and Shreya and Emily were out of this . They were sad as they were distant to their only friend Vandy .


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