The Destined World
36 Emily
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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36 Emily

Emily was one of the survivors of the frosts. The frosts we're one of the largest races and one the 9 realms. Emily was 7 years old when all the frosts tried to attack Valhalla to gain power and also rule over the all-father. Emily's father was the commander in chief of the attacking unit. Emily's mother was one of the archers and she was also in the attacking unit.

Emily was the only child of their parents. She was scared but she couldn't do anything as doing so would be going against the crown. The frosts attacked in midnight so the flames of destruction were mighty and big. They could be seen from the other realms and it was one the most terrific nights of terror. The dwarfs took it as a moment to rule frosts and they attacked the ladies and children who were left back home. But the people of the town refused to be enslaved. They fought against the dwarfs with full force even though they were inexperienced and lacked skills. The screams of women and children run through the town.

Soon it was morning and By chance, Emily was the only survivor left for the frosts she was scared and terrified she saw dead bodies lying all around her. By the time she noticed it was already morning. Emily started crying in the morning after she recognised that all the people have died and no one is coming back from the war. She cried endlessly for days and nights but she couldn't keep her emotions intact. Emily stopped crying after a while and she buried all her people. She prayed for their afterlife and made preparations for her living

She also buried the dwarfs that died in the battle.

Emily started living on her own and made a good life for her. But an awful night when Emily slept after eating she heard some noises on her door. She took the weapons she had and made her move. She attacked the Intruder and fought her. But the intruder was quite strong and unbeatable. Emily was losing in front of her. But the intruder didn't attack he just made sure she can't fight.

Emily asked the intruder "Who are you? and what do you want from me? ". Finally, the Intruder spoke it was a girl and she said: " Do you know someone who goes by the name Emily she used to live here. ". Emily said " it's me but what do you want from me " The girl removed her hood and she was Vandy At that time Vandy was also around 10. Vandy said, " Hi Emily would you like to join my team and become my friend ". Emily without thinking said, "Why would I like to bother with you and what are you ".Vandy said " I am a Valkyrie of Valhalla so would you consider me joining "she stretched her hand towards her. But as soon as Emily heard that she is from Valhalla she shoves her hand and started cursing her.

Vandy said " Listen to me your mom send me here "When Emily heard about her mother she stopped and looked at Vandy. Vandy knew that expression so she continued " She and I fought each other but she was killed by a knight but before she died she told me to rescue you and help you ". Emily started starting crying and she felt that she was melting. After that Emily went with Vandy to accept her mother wish.

Vandy trained her and taught every magic she knew and teamed up with her and made a true companion out of her. Finally, Emily found happiness as her mother thought she would. Then afterwards They found Shreya on Midgard on a remote town she was a helpless kid around 11. And afterwards, all of them became eternal companions .


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