The Destined World
37 Test Of Skills
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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37 Test Of Skills

Finally, after a few days, Marko fully recovered from his injuries and also he became quite strong and he felt surprisingly refreshed. He went on training with his dad and left the Toad's temple. The toad's temple was deep in the forest and also it was quite difficult to find the way out. Marko's dad decided to leave Marko to training and it might be a good way to replenish his skills.

Marko's dad suddenly left with a teleportation and Left the whole team on there own. Marko said " Dad where are you? Why did to teleport? ". Marko's dad spoke through the air " Marko take it as a test and come to the house on your own it is a good way to replenish your lost power and time. Since we had time why not take it to our side " Marko sighed but Vandy supported him and Shreya and Emily just looked at them. They walked straight down the path and tried to get out with some time left.

They tried to leave the forest as soon as possible. They were scared as they do not know the place but Marko stayed strong and hope the others do same. Vandy was on her toes too she was on her guard. Shreya and Emily were upset by how their only friend was going so far away from them. As they head forward they could hear the sound of various animals.

They walked for about half an hour but they couldn't find the way out. So Marko thought of an idea and made a cut on a tree so that they could remember the way back if anything happens. They continuously walked for another half hour but they couldn't find the way out. Everyone was tired so they decided to rest a bit.

Vandy sat under a tree and Marko decided to look around. But what found out was surprising. He called everyone and when they arrived he said " Look its the same mark I made earlier, but how could it be here?". Vandy said, "Can it be possible that we were moving around this whole time." Marko said "No it's not possible, it think that the around us are rotating and we just ended up moving back. " So now they were up against a rotating forest and he was only wandering around. "

They were not able to solve one problem but suddenly they got another. They heard a huge scream of Emily from there back. Everyone rushed towards her and saw around 5 Almendors in front of them. Marko look surprised cause these Almendors were not the one they fought. They were big and they had bigger fangs and also had a big crustal type item on there back.

Marko was too shocked that he couldn't move then suddenly Almendor Shreya and she also couldn't move as she was shocked too. Marko was not able to move but the only thought that runs through his mind was "Save her please move and save her ".


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