The Destined World
38 Good Bye
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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38 Good Bye

Marko didn't know what to do he was not able to move. They were all in shock. Suddenly a fire spell came from Marko's back it was Vandy. She was the one who was able to think rationally in a tough situation. The blast landed in front of Almendors and they backed a bit which gave time for Marko and his team to form together. Shreya was a bit injured too by the blast but no seriously wounded.

Shreya said " Thanks Vandy for the blast you saved me from trouble. " Vandy replied " No biggies that's what friends are for. " Marko smiled at Vandy and Vandy replied back. Marko and his teammates had enough on their plates to deal with and now there was another trouble awaiting them.

Emily launched a freeze spell and froze all the Almendors. Marko and Vandy moved swiftly and slashed the Alemdors which destroyed the ice and the Almendors dealt with heavy damage. At the same time, Shreya shoot some arrows with wind magic and they had a direct hit. Amendors backed more. Almendors howled and there were a lot of howls in the forest.

A group of Amendors surrounded Marko and his companions. They all shoot a light beam called the moonlight beam. Marko and his companions jumped to dodge the beam but Shreya was the only unable to dodge it. She had a direct hit and a lot of blood gushed out. Immediately after Marko released the Moon slash and the Almendors left.

Marko went to Shreya took her in his arms and rested her on his lap. Shreya was in a serious condition. Vandy tried to console her and said " Shreya don't worry nothing is going to happen. Don't look down everything's going to be fine. " Shreya gave a faint smile and said "Vandy I also know what is going to happen I also fought beside you for a long time and I know my wound is too deep to be healed. " As Shreya said this she coughed blood which stained her clothes.

She took her last breath and saw everyone eyes in tears. Shreya said "I was so lucky to find friends like you but I made some mistakes that lead to this I'm sorry and Good Bye to you all " Vandy and Everyone replied, " Don't talk too much, and don't worry you were a great friend ".

Shreya slowly closed her eyes and her breathing stopped. Vandy was speechless and Emily was in tears. They both hugged Marko and cried their hearts out. Marko was sad too but he didn't shed even a single tear. He believed that if all were to breakdown then they will never get out of this jungle.

They buried Shreya in the forest and camped at night. All of them didn't say a single word and Vandy and Emily didn't stop crying. Marko was in guilt he thought " If I were stronger then I would have saved her." That night the cheerfulness of the group vanished and grieve took over them.


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