The Insatiable
44 Searching the next ruins
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The Insatiable
Author :Endless_Starlight
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44 Searching the next ruins

Once Haruhiro completely read the description of the Item Card that the egg-shaped item transformed into, he wanted to both laugh at the Prince and sympathize with him. He now understands why he would leave something like that in here, to protect a special place where he grew up in.

At least that's what Haruhiro remembers from what he read before entering this temple. He can understand why but that doesn't mean that he agrees with it.

If it was Haruhiro, he'll do what he can to keep the item safe by his side. He could have used it as a trump card but instead he allowed it to collect dust in this place, maybe he thought by placing it here he could kill two birds with one stone.

To both protect this place and have the item be hidden from the world.

However, it seems childish of the prince to think that an item that could potentially change the world will be left unknown to the people that wants to change it, now, maybe that's why this temple was attacked.

Because the item was here, this place was targeted and because this place wad targeted... Innocent people who knew nothing about the item was killed and transformed into undead.

People involved in the concealment of the item took an oath, just like Clergyman Ibanhiel who risked his life to protect it.

He fought valiantly but ultimately he still died. If he just gave up the item, won't he be able to survive along with those countless villagers?

He could have pointed the direction where the item was hidden in exchange for the safety of himself and of the others with him. It's not like the intruders would succeed in taking the item.

They even had no other choice but to leave the item at where it was and can only curse it so that no one could use it against them.

Or is it because that he had no other choice? Is the enemy really that bad that he'd rather they all die than to let the enemy obtain it?

Can he not take that risk?

Haruhiro shook his head, this will forever remain a mystery to him. Unless, of course, he obtains a Dungeon Card that will bring in a place that has the same setting as this dungeon but Haruhiro doubts that.

However, Haruhiro doubts that another dungeon would have a setting like this or that it would be a continuation of this dungeon.

He placed the Item Card into his Inventory, and was about to leave when he noticed two more items placed in the "altar".

[A Drop of Blood

- Contained in a special container, this blood from a mysterious person can either cause evolution or death to the person that mixes it in their body.]

[Crystal Key

- A key made of a transparent crystal.]

After reading the descriptions of both items left on the "altar" Haruhiro heard the familiar chimes of a bell that signifies a new mission has been given to him by the System.

[Ding! Hidden Quest opened!

Hidden Quest: Searching for the next ruins

Quest Objective: Completing the dungeon named as Goddess Terra Temple you discovered a key that could lead to another secret place. As Greed's reincarnation you cannot possibly allow to leave this place undiscovered. Obtain the B-rank Dungeon Card "Abyss Prison" and find the door where the crystal key is needed.

Quest Rewards: x1 Loot Box]

Haruhiro pretended not to see the hidden quest that was given to him by the System and instead looked at Nanako and asked, "Shall we start collecting all the light stones?"

He doesn't want to think about any new quests for now and just want to start collecting those light stones. After that, he wants to quickly receive the rewards for clearing this dungeon and rest. He still have to wake up early for tomorrow's mission.

This dumbfounded Nanako a little, soon she started laughing. Her laughter caused her twin peaks to jiggle, causing Haruhiro to remember the moments that he's able to touch those pair of rabbits of hers. Her melodious laughter made him stare at her with passionate eyes, Nanako noticed this and stopped laughing.

Smiling she said, "Shall we continue where we left off?" As she said these words, she moved closer to Haruhiro and hugged his body.

This tempted Haruhiro but thinking of all those light stones that he might never be able to obtain he hardened his heart and said to her, "B-but... Those light stones." Once he said these words, Haruhiro instantly regretted it. He could feel the temperature seems to have risen. Sweat started to be released all over his body.

"What did you say Haru-chan?"

Nanako looked at her most beloved person and wanted to hear the words that he just said. She's actually not mad at him for what he said though a little irritated. Here she was trying to make him kiss her but he just had to ruin it by wanting to take more of those glowing stones.

Haruhiro laughed dryly and said, "The stones... It would be a shame to leave it all behind in this soon to be abandoned place right?"

This irritated Nanako further, she was actually placed after the stone. She heard him clearly the first time, the reason she asked again was to give him a chance to change what he would say but who asked for this idiot to be so greedy for glowing stones?

Annoyed she then asked Haruhiro, "The stones or me, Haru-chan?"

"Why not both?," laughing foolishly as he scratched his head Haruhiro answered. However, his foolish laughter is soon followed by his scream from both shock and pain. Nanako angrily stomped her foot on his and turned around to leave. She can't believe that he would place the stones and her in the same place. Sure, this is better than being placed after the stone but who would want that? She was only messing around earlier and was even planning on helping him collect the stones but who asked him to annoy her?

Reaching the door, she tried to pry it open. However, she soon found out that no matter whether she pushed or pulled the door it will not open. Annoyed even further she conjured her flames and shot some flame arrows on the metallic doors. It did nothing, however, and it didn't even leave behind any sort of scorch marks.

Haruhiro has been watching in the sidelines and when he saw this, his greedy self wanted to obtain this doors as well. Though he's only thinking about it. He knows that with his current strength, removing these doors that even Nanako's flames that could purify or burn a dungeon boss can't leave a mark on -what chance does he have?

After a few volleys of her flame arrows without any result, Nanako finally accepted that she doesn't have enough strength to break the doors. She angrily looked at Haruhiro and snorted, Nanako placed both her arms under her twin peaks resulting in her peaks being emphasized more. The way she looks at him is as if she's saying "Find a way out and I might just forgive you."

Motivated, Haruhiro forgot the matter about the stones and the metallic door. He was actually not that serious in taking all the light stones because it will take too much time and he knows that the both of them are exhausted from the battles they've experienced.

He already has a way out from this dungeon even before Nanako asked him with the way she looked.

'Ava, we want to leave the dungeon now.'

[Ava acknowledges, opening the exit.]

Haruhiro then saw changes happen at the double metallic doors, it shone with a brilliant light that made both Haruhiro and Nanako close their eyes.

Then when it disappeared, the familiar looking dungeon doors have appeared in front of them. The two wolves are still facing each other and the ouroboros symbol is still at the center.

Seeing the dungeon doors, Nanako calmed down.

She's actually been pretty scared when she couldn't break down the metallic doors earlier. Nanako thought that they would be both trapped in this room for quite some time but it seems that her anxiety was useless.

Haruhiro grabbed one of her hands and held it. She didn't want for Haruhiro to do that since she's still annoyed by what he said but she couldn't shake of his hands away from hers.

In the end she just gave up and allowed him, the two then walked towards the dungeon doors.

On Nanako's face, a slight smile that could be said coming from her satisfaction can be seen. She initially thought that Haruhiro would just open the doors and allow her to go out while he tries to grab more of those stones. That thought annoyed her but she did think that having more of these kind of stones is useful.

That is that and this is this, however. Now that Haruhiro clearly chose her she's very satisfied. She then thought how silly she must be if she's fighting for Haruhiro's attention against some stones. Smiling she sighed in her heart, 'I must really love him to be like this...'

Nanako did not notice though how Haruhiro is grinding his teeth in frustration because he couldn't take any more of the light stones. It seems like a precious object that he wouldn't have another chance in obtaining.

However, he doesn't dare to let go of Nanako's hand in fear of annoying her even further.


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