The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 55 – Followed By Someone
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 55 – Followed By Someone

Chapter 55 – Followed By Someone

The laughter was deep and low, like a cello’s string gently played, brimming with charm that could stir up public sentiment.

Hexi secretly cursed him as he was indeed a pervert, unaware that Qing Long was watching on the side, simply shocked, making his eyeballs almost pop out.

He…he has never seen his Master laugh heartily without restraint like this, with a simple amused smile, instead of the usually casual and indifferent smile or sneer.

But unexpectedly Master could be happy because of a beautiful youth. Moreover, this scene is too weird as with an ambiguous expression, he had recently gripped that youth’s chin.

From the bottom of his heart, Qing Long was at a loss; don’t tell me that previously Master wasn’t close to women not because he detested them, but because his sexuality is abnormal?

Hexi raised her head to look at the laughing man, seeing his beautiful and picturesque face, it was like bamboo blowing in the breeze, good looking and refined. His laughing appearance was radiant, momentarily making people unable to shift their eyes from him.

The man lowered his head to see Hexi gazing at him with a somewhat blank and distracted look, her eyes reflecting gleaming waves of emotions. An inexplicable trace of happiness flashed in his heart that he himself did not notice as he slowly said, “I am called Nangong Yu.”

Hexi startled, not understanding why his shining eyes and deep husky voice were able to make her heart somewhat agitated.

She took a step back and coldly said, “Why is what you’re called any concern to me?”

Nangong Yu did not answer her, instead returning to sit back at the side of the window, pointing to the position opposite him while he laughed, “There is no need for Xi Er to be so cold, our friendship is so close that we have even talked at night under the candlelight.”

Curse it all! Who talked with you in candlelight! And until when do you want to keep calling this damnable name of Xi Er?

The corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched several times as she grit her teeth, “We are not familiar, so please call my current name – Xi Yue, thank you!”

Nangong Yu raised his eyebrows, and with a meaningful smile said, “As it turns out, it’s Young Master Xi Yue. It’s an honour to meet you at last.”

Hexi could feel the teasing in the man’s eyes as he looked at her, her complexion becoming very ugly. But even so, she still walked the few steps to the place opposite Nangong Yu, acting righteous as she sat down.

Just when she went to speak, Nangong Yu suddenly leaned forward, reaching out his hand he removed the jade hairpin that bound her hair.

“What are you doing?” Hexi asked as she jumped forward in shock. Fortunately, Wet Nurse Chen had combed her hair into a man’s hair bun well, so even when the jade hairpin was removed, the brocade that was helping to bind her hair didn’t completely loosen.

Nangong Yu lifted the hairpin in front of his eyes to glance at it, then with a smile that wasn’t a smile said, “Really a foolish child, even unaware that you were followed.”

Hexi’s heart momentarily trembled with fear, she didn’t even care that he called her a foolish child, “You said I was followed? What does that mean?”

Nangong Yu turned his gaze outside the window, landing on an unremarkable, remote corner across the street, his eyes suddenly flared with a stern light.

The next moment, from the originally empty corner, where not a person was in sight, there now echoed a depressed groan. Following that, a man wearing unremarkable black clothes staggered out from the corner and with ‘tumph’, fell to the ground.

Looking down from the second floor, Hexi could clearly see blood flowing from the man’s mouth, his gaze full of fright as it turned hazy, and in the blink of an eye, his breathing stopped.

Hexi’s gaze slowly fell on Nangong Yu, her heart overwhelmed with shock. There was a faint smile still hanging on his elegant and outstanding face, making him seem like a harmless person.

But who would have thought that this man could actually be able to silently strike people dead from a distance, between speaking and talking. In the end, what kind of terrible strength does this Hell King before her eyes possess?

Hexi composed herself until all that was left was a slight lingering fear in her heart. If Nangong Yu hadn’t helped her, she would have been totally unaware that she was followed all the way here.


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