The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 56 – You Can Call Me Yu
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 56 – You Can Call Me Yu

Chapter 56 – You Can Call Me Yu

“The top of this hairpin was marked by someone?” Although it was a question, her tone was already very sure.

Nangong Yu used a single hand to wipe down the jade hairpin while answering, “This is the Tracing imprint. People that use this kind of imprint need to separate a portion of their fundamental essence, the spirit from within their body, to attach it on the person that they want to follow. So as long as your body is still infected by this imprint, even if you’re separated by thousands of miles, they can still easily find you. Xi Yue, you’re too talented to lower your guard.”

Hexi’s countenance became heavy, pursing her lips as she considered his words without speaking.

Nangong Yu seemed to understand her doubts as he waved his hand for Qing Long to go out first, then said, “Apparently, it seems like you still don’t understand what it is you’ve done.”

What she had done? It was merely saving a person’s life in the middle of the street, is it necessary to make such a fuss, even separating the fundamental essence of a spirit to follow her? Hexi somewhat blankly raised her head to look at him, her expression indescribable, somehow foolish yet still adorable.

Nangong Yu’s eyes exposed a slight smiling expression, suddenly he wanted to extend his hand to pinch her cheek, “As far as I know, in this entire Mi Luo continent, only a doctor of eighth rank is able to able heal a fracture of the muscle and tendons, and an eighth rank doctor’s cultivation base is at the very least Nascent Soul stage. Even more, many people in Jin Ling country are simply unaware that it’s possible to treat a muscle and tendon fracture. In other words, an ordinary person like yourself who doesn’t have any spiritual power, in other people’s eyes, has now cured an incurable illness. Do you still think this matter isn’t a big deal?”

After hearing this, Hexi’s face revealed a surprised expression. Indeed, she didn’t have any idea about how the doctor’s rank worked, however, she did know that Nascent Soul stage is absolutely the top ranked expert amongst martial artists.

“But you’re smart, not using your true identity in front people.” Nangong Yu’s burning gaze swept over her elegant like snow complexion, “Tell me, if the Nalan family knew of your ability, will they still regardlessly abandon you to the other courtyard?”

Hexi’s face turned cold in a flash, “Your Highness, Hell King, likes to joke. I don’t have any relationship with Nalan Manor, not in the past, and I won’t in the future!”

She had barely finished speaking, yet suddenly, a dark figure was before her eyes. Unaware of when it had happened, Nangong Yu had unexpectedly leaned his body over, and with a gentle movement, inserted the jade hairpin back into her hair.

Hexi felt warm breath on her face, making her heart flustered, and she instinctively wanted to retreat.

Yet her slender wrist was tightly detained by a warm and wide palm. Nangong Yu gently pulled her towards him, the corner of his mouth holding a demonic smile, while his voice held an oppressive tone not allowing for disobedience, “I said I’m called Nangong Yu, you can call me Yu. Next time if you call me your Highness, Hell King, again…”

Nangong Yu hadn’t finished speaking, when suddenly he saw Hexi slightly frown. Loosening his grip he raised Hexi’s sleeve, revealing purple bruises that covered her entire arm.

A portion of the evil tendencies that lived in his heart surged, mixing together with an indescribable vexation and distress.

This unfamiliar feeling made Nangong Yu frown. Bending his slender fingers, he softly brushed away those bruises while a warm and itchy feeling, just like a feather, gently brushed against his heart.

Hexi felt uncomfortable and suddenly pulled back her hand, saying with a cold voice, “In the end, why did you find me?”

Nangong Yu, who had suddenly lost control under the warm, soft satiny sensation of her skin, slightly narrowed his eyes, “If it’s not important then I can’t find you?”

In this world there are numerous women and in order to meet him, Nangong Yu, they have fought with all their strength. Unexpectedly, this little girl dares to ignore his affection.

Hexi stood up, smiling coldly, “Your Highness, Hell King, you must have many important matters to attend too. I, this humble one, doesn’t dare to delay your valuable time. Then, since there’s nothing to explain, I’ll go first.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》