The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 65 – You Like Nangong Yu
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 65 – You Like Nangong Yu

Chapter 65 – You Like Nangong Yu

She had originally wanted to teach this little girl a lesson, make her suffer a bit, and then warn her to stay away from Master. However, she unexpectedly saw Master’s spiritual power imprint on her body.

Darn! How can Master treat such a girl favourably, who does she think she is!!

At this moment, Zhu Que was itching to dismember this shameless girl’s body, that dared to seduce her Master, into a thousand pieces. However, the Master’s imprint can be said to be his warning and protection, so if, just a moment ago, her palms really had struck that girl, Master would’ve certainly known. And no one wanted to know what kind of terrible punishment Master would give!

Zhu Que took a deep breath, slowly restoring her tranquil appearance, and unhurriedly said, “Zhu Que came to offer a gift on behalf of Master to heal Young Miss.”

Zhu Que[1]? Qing Long?…as expected of Nangong Yu’s people.

The coldness in Hexi’s heart intensified, but even so, her face remained indifferent, “Oh, then your healing skill must be really extraordinary. Just a moment ago, didn’t that palm of yours want to kill me? Could it be that doctor Zhu Que has the ability to revive the dead, helping you find a way out of an impasse? Otherwise, what explanation would you give to your Master if you killed me?”

Hexi’s eyes narrowed slightly in silence when Zhu Que coldly replied, “I’ll warn you now, don’t even think about telling Master about today’s matter. I’ve been accompanying Master since I was a child, you’re just a stranger close to Master by chance. He at most only sees you as a pet he can tease. You tell me, if you tell him, will he believe you or me? Even if I had lost control and accidentally killed you before, do you really think Master would punish me for an insignificant person like you?”

Finished speaking, she took out a porcelain bottle and threw it to Hexi, warning in a cold voice, “Remember, stay away from my Master. Master is not someone an ant like you can covet!”

Hexi’s cold eyes looked at her contemptuously, and with a disgusted expression, the tip of her brows suddenly raised. With a slight smirk she said, “You like Nangong Yu, right?”

Zhu Que’s face turned white, her voice suddenly shrill, “You…you talk nonsense!”

“Oh, I hit the mark!” Hexi leisurely said, “I wonder though, does your Master know the thoughts you have towards him?”

“You—you shut up! If you dare babble nonsense again, whether you believe me or not…”

“You’ll what? You’ll kill me to silence me? That depends on whether you have that ability!” Hexi sneered, and with a cold tone, sharply said, “I’ll also warn you, don’t come and provoke me again, I have nothing to do with Nangong Yu. I’m too lazy to care what thoughts you have towards Nangong Yu, but if you threaten me again, then don’t blame me if I find your Master to tell him about your secret!”


“Now, you can get lost!”

At the moment Hexi said get lost, her body released a sudden power pressure that could make people tremble. This wasn’t a top ranked suppression technique, it was like the automatic imposing manner a person in a high position of power developed with experience.

Zhu Que was so intimidated her complexion whitened, her feet subconsciously retreating a step. Once she realised what she was doing, her body immediately started to shake in anger.

She was…she was scared of this ordinary person. This woman should simply die a million times!

[1] Zhu Que’s name means Vermillion Bird. In previous chapters, Qing Long was introduced, his name means Azure Dragon. In Chinese culture the Azure Dragon and the Vermillion Bird are part of the four mythological creatures, with each beast representing a Cardinal Direction, a Season, and an Element. The other two mythological creatures are White Tiger and Black Tortoise.


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