The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 73 – Ouyang Haoxuan’s Despair
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 73 – Ouyang Haoxuan’s Despair

Chapter 73 – Ouyang Haoxuan’s Despair

“Mother only has you, this one child!” Madam Ouyang wailed, grabbing Ouyang Haoxuan’s hands, she didn’t want to let go, “If you die, what about Mother? What about your Father? Xuan Er, those people who harmed you still haven’t received retribution, and now that Ouyang family’s relatives are eager for you to die, are you truly willing? To die cowardly like this, are you in such a rush for your parents to be so full of sorrow and hatred?!!”

Ouyang Haoxuan stayed expressionless, his blank eyes projecting his despair while unwilling tears gathered.

Previously, he was Ouyang family’s most dazzling genius. Other people looked up to him, envied him, admired him, he was the pride of his parents, he was also Ouyang family’s future hope.

However, in the blink of an eye, that genius had crumbled into dust. The fine jade was covered in dust and shattered into hundreds of pieces, his cultivation base and body becoming crippled, turning him into a person who couldn’t even take care himself. Everyday, besides lying down on the bed, he couldn’t do anything. He even needed other people’s hands to help him eat, to avoid the food spilling.

He has been restricted to laying down in this dark and stale smelling room for more than a year already. In this one year, he has lost all his pride, lost his dignity, and lost his will to live. Everyday, he only longed to die quickly, rather than live life like a dead person.

However, his Mother’s words ignited the hatred and wrath lurking deep down in his heart.

Those black dressed people that schemed against him in the Magical Beast forest, those scums that dragged him into a trap, he still hasn’t personally taken revenge, personally making them pay a debt of blood with blood. How can he be willing to die! How can he be willing to give up like this!

Inside the room, brimming with Madam Ouyang’s weeping sounds, occasionally mixed with Ouyang Haoxuan’s destitute beast like yells, the atmosphere was permeated with despair, enough that it could make a person’s heart grieve.

Just at this moment, the room’s door was suddenly pushed open, and Ouyang Zhixiong entered with large steps. His face was devoid of the usual anxiousness, instead, his eyes shined with astonishment, “Madam, quickly! Quickly help Haoxuan to tidy up! The Genius Doctor has arrived, he will immediately come to give medical treatment to Haoxuan.”

Madam Ouyang startled, wiping the tears from her eyes as she asked, “Genius Doctor? Could it be an Elder you’ve invited from the Doctors Association?”

Ouyang Zhixiong shook his head, “All the Elders from the Doctors Association are mysterious, their whereabouts uncertain, how could I find them in such a short time. However, this time the one I’ve found, even though he’s not an eighth rank doctor, his medical skill has reached perfection. Believe me, he will certainly be able to save Haoxuan.”

Madam Ouyang’s eyes shined, and with a trembling voice she asked, “Re…really? My Lord, you’ve truly found a person who is able to save Haoxuan?”

“Father, you don’t have to waste your energy.” Lying on the bed, Ouyang Haoxuan remained unmoved in the slightest. Instead, the expression on his face became more mournful, “Didn’t all the doctors that previously come to Ouyang Manor say that I would live, but that my muscles and bones were dead, resulting in how I am now?”

His mouth opened a crack, and chuckling, a sinister expression spread across his face, “Every one of them fled after taking my pulse, especially Jin Ling country’s number one majestic, highly skilled doctor, Nalan Zhengze. After he diagnosed me as incurable, he unexpectedly withdrew my engagement between our Ouyang family and his Nalan family. Even more, the news that I had become a crippled person spread everywhere, making me a laughingstock throughout Jin Ling. Hahaha…indeed, he’s the country’s highly skilled doctor, a very good doctor!”

When he mentioned the Nalan family, Ouyang Zhixiong and Madam Ouyang right away started gnashing their teeth with loathing.

Because of their political connections, and because of Madam Ouyang and Madam Nalan’s handkerchief friendship[1], the two families had made an agreement for Ouyang Haoxuan and the Second Miss, Nalan Feixue, to marry when he was of marriageable age.

[1]Handkerchief Friendship– Used to describe childhood friends, or friends who share everything (Happiness and sadness).
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》