The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 74 – Genius Doctor Is Your Master?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 74 – Genius Doctor Is Your Master?

Chapter 74 – Genius Doctor Is Your Master?

Previously, the graceful Ouyang Haoxuan who was handsome, talented, and outstanding, was a match to Nalan Feixue who was merely at the Foundation Establishment stage. Nevertheless, the Ouyang family had still acknowledged this marriage, including the Nalan family, who had regarded it as a decent marriage.

But who would have thought, that once Ouyang Haoxuan faced difficulties, the Nalan family would turn out to be such hostile people. Refusing to acknowledge the marriage, and then spreading Ouyang Haoxuan’s miserable condition to the public.

Ouyang Haoxuan was once a dazzling star, and now that he had fallen into the mud, naturally, the people who had originally envied him, now threw stones at him, rejoicing in his misfortune.

Now branch relatives from the Ouyang family were covetously eyeing the position of the family’s Master. Even Nalan Feixue’s people that had once admired him came to their door just to sneer at Ouyang Haoxuan. Now that he has been become a toad that can’t climb up from a mud pit, they go so far as to dare clamour around Nalan Feixue, thinking of her as a swan[1].

Afterwards, the Ouyang family had found out that it was Nalan Feixue and Madam Nalan who had spread those rumours on purpose. This left the Ouyang family no choice but to break the engagement, making everyone focus on Ouyang Haoxuan’s decline. No one paid any attention to the Nalan family’s ungratefulness over renouncing the alliance contract.

Due to these events, the Ouyang family hated the Nalan family to the bone. Especially the vicious and shameless Nalan Feixue, they were itching to tear her apart.

Ouyang Zhixiong started becoming angry, but seeing his son’s grief filled appearance, he couldn’t help but feel sad, his voice soft as he said, “Haoxuan, you are our Ouyang family’s hope, how can you say you want to give up? Father guarantees that this time’s Genius Doctor and the previous ones are different. Father personally saw him cure a person with broken meridians, that person is now healthy and able to walk. Believe me, he will certainly be able to cure you.”

Madam Ouyang was surprised and happy after hearing this, her voice raised in excitement, “My Lord, was what you just said true?”

“Of course it’s true.” Ouyang Zhixiong said, “Yesterday, when I was with His Highness, Hell King, together we saw that Genius Doctor save a person. His Highness, Hell King, and him are acquaintances, it’s absolutely not false!”

Madam Ouyang suddenly started crying with joy, wiping her tears as she said, “Haoxuan, Haoxuan! Did you hear that, you can be saved, you can be saved! Quick…quickly call someone to come help Young Master tidy up, invite the Genius Doctor to come in.”

Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes brightened, but immediately after, they once again became gloomy.

It’s not that he didn’t want to be cured, it’s just that he had experienced happiness turn to disappointment for more than a year already. It caused the little hope he had carried to long be extinguished, changing it into a deep despair.


The moment Hexi walked into Ouyang Haoxuan’s room, she sensed depression, deathly silence, darkness, and the intense smell of medicine.

Madam Ouyang stared blankly when she saw Hexi, the light of hope in her eyes suddenly extinguishing, transforming into confusion and deep disappointment.

She didn’t think that this so called Genius Doctor would actually be a youth with red lips and white teeth, who looked weak and without any strength. He didn’t have the slightest resemblance to a high level doctor, they normally have the appearance of a sage.

However, Madam Ouyang was unwilling to give up and couldn’t help but ask, “This Young Master, may I ask, is the Genius Doctor your Master? Is it possible to invite him to come save my family’s Haoxuan?”

Ouyang Zhixiong’s complexion changed, he glanced at the smile that wasn’t a smile on the face of His Highness, Hell King, and quickly took a step forward to stop Madam Ouyang, “Madam, don’t talk recklessly, this is the exceptionally talented young Genius Doctor.”

Madam Ouyang jumped in shock, and as her heart brimmed with despair and disappointment, tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

Hexi had long become accustomed to this kind of situation, where she was judged by her appearance. Previously, although her medical skills were high, they were often to used to kill people, not save people. But even then, there is no doctor who wouldn’t get angry from not being trusted. So as a result, instead of becoming unwilling, her gaze coldly swept past the Ouyang couple before she then walked to the front of the bed.

[1]That she’s better than him.


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