The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 77 – Medical Treatmen
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 77 – Medical Treatmen

Chapter 77 – Medical Treatment

Just at this time, Nangong Yu walked to her side, his tall figure enveloping her, like he could protect her against his chest.

In the blink of an eye, Hexi felt the power pressure on her body disappear, her pale complexion returning to normal.

She raised her head and as her eyes came into contact with his, she suddenly thought that his eyes were beautiful. Her reflection visible in his star filled eyes, his burning gaze nearly melting her.

Hexi suddenly lowered her head, took a deep breath, then looked towards Ouyang Zhixiong, “No, Young Master Ouyang has been poisoned for a very time, it has been at least a year and a half. If my guess isn’t wrong, this kind of poison has a ninety percent possibility of being what caused Young Master Ouyang’s meridians to be severed in a flash when it was administered into his body.”

Ouyang Zhixiong stared blankly, immediately asking, “What kind of poison is that? Even a fourth rank doctor couldn’t detect it.”

In this Mi Luo continent, when a low rank doctor examines a sick person’s body, they rely on their spiritual power to do the examining. Some don’t even know where the meridians are located, while even more are unable to make their spiritual power penetrate into the sick person’s meridians.

This poison attaches itself to the human body’s meridians and becomes extremely concealed. It also moves around the body, so based on an ordinary doctor’s examination method, how could they find it?

However, Hexi wasn’t interested in wasting time to explain, only saying, “Have any of you seen a person with broken meridians unable to stand a gentle breeze or exposure to the sun? That is a symptom of being poisoned…but this poison is extremely sinister and strange, I’m also still unclear about what type of poison this is in the end.”

In fact, the things Ouyang Haoxuan couldn’t tolerate wasn’t the wind and sunshine, rather, it was the spiritual energy that was carried in by the wind and sunshine. The spiritual energy makes the poison within his body spread rapidly and expand, causing Ouyang Haoxuan to experience a pain similar to that of being bitten and devoured.

For her medical treatment this time, she needs a great amount of spiritual energy to enter Ouyang Haoxuan’s body. So naturally, she will make the spiritual energy outside the room come in.

But Madam Ouyang didn’t care about the cause and effects, only asking with an anxious face, “May I ask if Genius Doctor Xi has a method to treat this illness?”

Hexi pursed her lips, “I was just about to try.”

Following that, her gaze landed on the lifeless expression of Ouyang Haoxuan on the bed, and slowly said, “My medical treatment requires your cooperation, now you tell me, do you believe that I’m able to cure you? That is to say, are you willing to accept my medical treatment?”

Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes blankly fell on her face, and unaware of when, tears were already rolling down his cheeks.

He suddenly tightly clenched his teeth until blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, then, in a hoarse voice said, “Please, Genius Doctor, save me. As long as I’m able to recover, I will certainly face any peril, with no thought to my personal safety, to repay your kindness in the future!”

Hexi revealed a smile, but the smile didn’t express joy, instead, it was endlessly cold, “Very good, I like an obedient sick person.”

Finished speaking, she once again brought out several hundred different lengths of Silver Needles from her space.

These acupuncture needles were made from Black Ice. To make them, you needed to use ten thousand year old Black Ice from the most central position, where the cold air has gathered inside, and after making the Silver Needles, they needed to be placed in spring water at all times to soak. Now, it has become her necessary tool to treat and distinguish poisons.

Under Madam Ouyang and Ouyang Haoxuan’s astonished gaze, Hexi’s skills were as quick as lightning. Inserting a hundred or more Silver Needles, one by one, into Ouyang Haoxuan’s body.

As the number of needles inserted into his body grew, Ouyang Haoxuan’s face began to show a pained expression.

With his jaw tightly clenched, blood steadily dripped from the corner of his mouth, while bean sized beads of sweat rolled down from the spot between his tightly wrinkled eyebrows.

“Haoxuan, Haoxuan, how is it?” Madam Ouyang stared at his painful appearance, her worried tears streaming down, “Genius Doctor Xi, why is Haoxuan in so much pain?”


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