The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 79 – Strange Poison
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 79 – Strange Poison

Chapter 79 – Strange Poison

Under Madam Ouyang’s alarmed gaze, she slowly inserted the Silver Needle into the acupuncture point at Ouyang Haoxuan’s spine, continuing to push it in until only a finger length remained visible.

The slightest thread of spiritual power gathered at Hexi’s back, travelling along her meridians to her fingertips. It then flowed down her fingertips to the Silver Needles, penetrating into Ouyang Haoxuan’s body.

Suddenly, an image like an X-ray appeared in Hexi’s mind, clearly showing an internal view of the meridian tracks within Ouyang Haoxuan.

She could completely see his spiritual power points, the filth that blocked them, and the tiny scars they had left. Under the pressure from the spiritual power, the Silver Needles inserted into Ouyang Haoxuan’s body trembled, and slowly, like rising water, the spiritual power spread and began to repair Ouyang Haoxuan’s fractured meridians.

“AH AH—-!!” Unable to bear it, Ouyang Haoxuan issued a shrill scream.

Madam Ouyang’s complexion went deathly pale, and she moved to rush forward and check on him, but Ouyang Zhixiong, with a similar complexion, pulled her to a stop.

He knew clearly that disturbing a doctor during treatment could affect the outcome, wasting all previous efforts. If that were to happen, then curing Haoxuan really would be hopeless.

Hexi’s ears were in pain due to Ouyang Haoxuan’s screams, so without any hesitation, she seized a rag laying on the side, and stuffed it into Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth. Immediately, the only sounds remaining in the room were Ouyang Haoxuan’s muffled screams, and Madam Ouyang’s stifled sobs.

Behind Hexi, the corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth raised, revealing a slight smile as he pressed against her back.

But Hexi didn’t care about their reactions, beginning to seriously examine Ouyang Haoxuan’s meridians instead.

Along with the fractured meridians being repaired, the spiritual power began to move normally again, causing the poison in the meridians to flow quicker.

The poison certainly wanted to spread and grow, however, the medicine that Hexi had recently fed to Haoxuan restrained the tiny organisms from reproducing. That was to say, this poison was able to keep increasing due to fact that it wasn’t a simple drug, rather, it carried a highly poisonous single celled organism.

Hexi’s spiritual power very quickly flowed along Ouyang Haoxuan’s meridians, invading his dantian. When it penetrated his dantian, it made her scalp feel numb, causing the hand that gripped the large Silver Needle to almost loosen.

Under the influence of ‘Inner Inspect’ caused by the spiritual power, Hexi saw that Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian appeared to be the source of the poison. The outward appearance was ordinary, yet inside, it had long been turned pitch black by the poison. The poison kept moving, and as it advanced towards and travelled along the complicated crisscrossing meridians, it looked like countless small worms crawling about the interior of Ouyang Haoxuan’s body. This scene was too strange and horrible.

Hexi no longer hesitated, and quickly picking up several additional Silver Needles, she inserted them around his dantian, frantically gathering the spiritual power from Nangong Yu and sending it into the Silver Needles.

Soon, the poison stopped spreading, starting to be forced to approach the Silver Needles. Then, it squirmed along the Silver Needles until it seeped out to the surface of the body.

All it took was several breaths time from the Silver Needles being inserted into Ouyang Haoxuan’s body, for them to begin to be covered with thick black droplets.

The unknown composition of black droplets carried a strong rotten stench, and while it should obviously be an ordinary liquid, it seemed to have life as it incessantly wiggled.

This scene was too strange, causing the complexions of the watching Ouyang Zhixiong and Madam Ouyang to turn purple, their bodies trembling.

“Quickly grab them…” Hexi’s words were unfinished when Nangong Yu had already taken out a porcelain bottle, and with the spiritual energy still entering the room, the black liquid was caught without any resistance.

It took more than an hour for those Silver Needles to no longer exude black liquid, but by the end, Ouyang Haoxuan’s face that had originally been in pain, had gradually relaxed into a tranquil expression.


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