The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 90 – Zhu Que’s Ruined Appearance
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 90 – Zhu Que’s Ruined Appearance

Chapter 90 – Zhu Que’s Ruined Appearance

Bai Hu’s mouth twitched, “The whereabouts of Master isn’t something we subordinates can guess about as we wish.” However, to gossip once in awhile is still possible.

His eyes brightened and he couldn’t help but say, “Although, did you see, that on Master’s mouth there was a small cut?”

After Zhu Que heard this, an image suddenly appeared before her eyes showing that obvious cut on Master’s lower lip. Tightly clenching her hands, her fingernails almost embedded themselves in her palms.

Bai Hu was full of interest as he lowered his voice, excitedly continuing to gossip, “In my opinion, that cut is absolutely caused by being bitten. Master certainly didn’t bite himself, and with Master’s strength now, if it’s not that he voluntarily let them, then no one would be able to...he he, you understand what I mean right? I feel that the Master of these days is so unusual, this must be the sprouting of a spring heart, in other words…Master has reached that age after all!”

“Shut up, Master’s affairs aren’t for a slave like you to recklessly start a rumour about!!”

Zhu Que suddenly shouted, shocking Bai Hu so much he jumped.

Bai Hu noticed that her beautiful and cold appearance had completely become distorted, her body trembling, her eyes reflecting her rage, “Master has such a heavenly appearance, how can common folk match up to him! If you dare babble nonsense again, don’t blame me for being impolite to you!”

Finished speaking, she furiously turned away.

Leaving Bai Hu standing alone with a face full of bewilderment, he blankly stared after her for half a day before saying in confusion, “What happened, wasn’t this only a joke? Even Master doesn’t mind, but why was Zhu Que so unreasonable, like her tail was being stepped on?”

Zhu Que angrily returned to her room, shutting the door with a bang. The rage in her heart couldn’t be calmed, so she grabbed a porcelain bottle beside the door and fiercely threw it.

In this world, no one is worthy enough for such a stunning Master, especially that trash Nalan Hexi. Someone like her isn’t even good enough to carry Master’s shoes.

Zhu Que’s eyes abruptly became very fierce, if she really…really intended to seduce Master and block Master’s road, then she would absolutely not allow that slut to live.

One by one, the sounds of shattering porcelain echoed in the room, before finally, it helped calm Zhu Que down.

Sitting down in front of her dressing table, she withdrew two Jade Muscle pills that she had refined herself. One she used orally, and the other was dissolved into a liquid, which she then gently applied on her face.

She only needed a quarter of an hour and her face would be restored to it’s original smooth and beautiful complexion.

Zhu Que sat anxiously in front of the glass mirror, looking at her own cold and elegant facial features.

Time past, minute by minute, her eyes staring at the scar on her face so long she was nearly getting double vision.

However, a quarter of an hour passed, half an hour passed, an hour passed, yet the scar on her face didn’t have the slightest sign of recovery. Moreover, it was originally just a faint greyish colour, but now, it had turned a thick grey-black colour.

And the most frightening part is that before it was only slightly itchy, now it had become painful and severely itchy.

In the mirror, that thin scar had spread in the blink of an eye. Although there was no decay, it was as if it had been rubbed, the skin around the scar appearing bumpy and uneven with deep wrinkles.

In such a short time, that originally thin and small scar had suddenly become extremely obvious, as if a small centipede had run across Zhu Que’s soft and white face, leaving a very horrible and disgusting mark.

“Ahh—-!! My face! My face!” Zhu Que’s eyes widened as she stared at the grey-black scar on her reflection in the mirror. Her face twisted and frightening, she issued a miserable scream.


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