The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 98 – Freeloader
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 98 – Freeloader

Chapter 98 – Freeloader

Nangong Yu only said two words, “Bai Hu.”

Bai Hu immediately revealed a pained face. He absolutely didn’t believe that this cute little boy could cook delicious food, but since Master had given him an order, he had no other choice but to carry it out.

Half an hour later, Hexi looked at the kitchen piled full of a large quantity of high quality foods, including fresh and rich spiritual beast meat filled with spiritual energy. She simply didn’t know what to say.

But when she saw Bai Hu’s doubtful eyes and Nangong Yu’s meaningful sneer, her heart suddenly surged with haughtiness.

Humph, this group of stupid people, daring to doubt her top level cooking, just wait until later when you’ll want to swallow your tongues to savour every bite.

Hexi quickly collected the spiritual beast meat into her space, leaving only a fragrant mountain pig and some condiment ingredients on the bench. Next, she removed a simple barbecue grill and seasoning from her space, placing it all in the centre of the yard.

“What is this strange thing?” Bai Hu muttered, “Isn’t cooking supposed to be done in the kitchen with a condensed spiritual power flame? In the end, are you able or cook or not?”

Hexi ignored him, her hand that held a handle starting to move, slowing spinning the fragrant mountain pig until the motion was extremely fast.

The fragrant mountain pig’s body size was small and easy to capture, its meat was tender and delicious, so coupled with its rich spiritual energy, a martial artist would naturally prefer this as a food ingredient. The only disadvantage was that fragrant mountain pigs had a strong fishy smell that was extremely difficult to removed. Of course, a high level chef would be able to get rid the smell, but using that kind of method would make the spiritual energy in the food almost entirely disappear.

That Bai Hu choose this kind of ingredient was to obviously make it difficult for Hexi so that he could see her humiliated.

At this moment, they could only see her using water to rinse the pig meat without adding any special herb ingredients to get rid of the smell, causing a sneering expression to subconsciously appear on their faces.

However, in the next moment, the contempt in Bai Hu’s eyes changed into astonishment.

He didn’t know when, but more than a dozen Silver Needles had appeared in Hexi’s hand. Her actions were extremely quick as she inserted the needles into the pig meat. The meat that was originally still overflowing with spiritual energy was now covered by something similar to an invisible barrier, firmly locking all the spiritual energy inside of it.

“Heavens, this is possible?”

Hexi didn’t pay any attention to Bai Hu’s exclamation, instead, her hands started moving faster, and after ensuring that the spiritual energy in the spiritual beast meat wouldn’t be lost, she began to empty the fragrant mountain pig’s abdominal cavity. Next, she quickly filled the inside with all kinds of herbs and fruits, using snow ginseng to get rid of the smell and increase the flavour.

Following that, she then got Xiao Li to come help her, smearing it layer by layer with all kinds of seasonings that were just mixed a few days ago.

Bai Hu watched on with a stunned expression, he had never seen someone cooking fragrant mountain pig with such a method before. As Hexi’s slender and elegant fingers moved, it was very natural. Comparable to moving clouds and flowing water, it was extremely pleasing to the eyes to watch and helping to greatly increase a person’s appetite.

It was enthralling, yet Hexi suddenly lifted her head and beckoned towards him, “Burn the charcoal in the grill.”

“You’re ordering me to burn the charcoal?” Bai Hu exclaimed, “But I’m Master’s personal bodyguard, the majestic Hell King Manor’s…”

“You can’t even light the charcoal?” Hexi looked at him with contempt, then looked at Nangong Yu, “All your people in Hell King’s Manor are freeloader’s?”

Bai Hu suddenly burst into tears, in his heart he shouted, “How can I be a freeloader, I’m the one who bought this fragrant mountain pig! I bought it! I bought it!”

But when he made contact with his Master’s deep eyes, Bai Hu became terrified and obediently threw a fireball into the grill to light the charcoal. It just so happened that he was a martial artist with a double attribute that included golden fire.

Soon, the charcoal started heating up, and once it had reached a sufficient temperature, Hexi placed the pig meat on the grill and began to slowly turn it.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》