The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 99 – Ravenously Devouring
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 99 – Ravenously Devouring

Chapter 99 – Ravenously Devouring

With the charcoal being heated by the fire, the fragrant mountain pig began to roast and be coated with a layer of crisp golden skin, with the smell beginning to permeate throughout the yard.

Bai Hu, in accordance with Hexi’s requirement, was standing on the side to moderate the temperature of the charcoal, swallowing from time to time as he stared without blinking.

Suddenly, his stomach issued a loud gurgling sound, making Xiao Li who was standing nearby chuckle when she heard it. This in turn made Bai Hu’s face instantly redden.

This is too shameful! Yet, what smell is this, how can it be so fragrant, causing a person to be so tempted to taste it?

Bai Hu couldn’t help but secretly glance at his Master. His Master was completely focused on the busy youth tending the grill, his eyes shining brilliantly, as if he was looking at a potential treasure.

Taking advantage of the time it took to roast the fragrant mountain pig, Hexi quickly made a salad and some soup.

The ingredients and methods used for making both were simple. The ingredients were grown in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, helped to grow with water from the Ninth Secluded Spiritual Spring, and after adding seasoning, the food would be delicious and rich with spiritual energy. It completely couldn’t be compared with ordinary spiritual food.

When Xiao Li passed Bai Hu as she walked over carrying two bowls of the prepared dishes, a tantalising fragrance assaulted his nostrils, the roast meat so fragrant it caused Bai Hu to gulp and feel agitated.

“Hey, you can eat now.”

Nangong Yu returned to his senses when he heard Hexi call out, and looking up, he caught sight of a white robe and an elegant girl’s face filled with a light smile. With picturesque features, her eyes shined like stars. On the table, tendrils of fragrance curled around the simple food, while the girl’s originally somewhat glacial features had now become soft and warm.

This was just like…a warm family.

Nangong Yu stepped forward, and sitting down at the table, he pick up the chopsticks in front of him to taste the food.

The taste of the fragrant and tender pig meat lightly spread across his tongue, and with the fresh and rich spiritual energy accompanied by a slightly spicy flavour, it instantly stimulated the sensitivity of his taste buds. It was as if there was a gentle trickle of energy slowly being absorbed into his body, causing the fatigue in his body and spirit to gradually be swept away.

Hexi sat on the other side of the table with a hand under her chin, she was beaming as she looked at him, “How’s the taste?”

Nangong Yu lightly replied, “Not bad.”

Humph, not bad? You say that, but your hand is moving so fast to eat, isn’t this like you’re ravenously devouring the food?

Wait a minute, you’re actually going to directly use your hands to grab the roast meat? Aren’t you His Highness Hell King, the idol of every girl throughout all of Jin Ling, and yet you’re eating so vigorously like this? What about your image!

In the time it takes to burn a short stick of incense, the three dishes and serving of soup on the table were all eaten clean by Nangong Yu.

Bai Hu sullenly scowled, “Master, I helped to roast the food for so long and yet you couldn’t even leave a little bit for me?”

Even such a person like Master had kept eating, forgetting about everyone else. In the end, how delicious had those dishes been? He also would’ve liked to try tasting it, wuwuwu…

Xiao Li saw him looking so pitiful, and only then did she carry out prepared food for Xi Jia and the others from the kitchen to give to him instead.

Of course, this food couldn’t be compared in terms of taste and spiritual energy to the food that Nangong Yu had eaten.

It wasn’t until the sun had started setting in the west that Nangong Yu decided to take his leave.

Hexi sent them to the door and was about to return when Nangong Yu suddenly tugged on her wrist, causing her petite body to be tightly enveloped in his embrace.

“Bastard, you…let go!” Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li were still watching them from behind!

Nangong Yu leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “Tomorrow I want to eat bergamot gold rolls you were mentioned earlier, so remember to prepare it.”

Hexi glared at him, “What reason would I have to do that?” This guy is insatiable!
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》