The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 101 – Damaging Nalan Manor’s Reputation
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 101 – Damaging Nalan Manor’s Reputation

Chapter 101 – Damaging Nalan Manor’s Reputation

His cultivation base is so high, yet he unexpectedly couldn’t tell at all that this person is a woman disguised as a man.

Hexi didn’t panic, because for her, Bai Hu knowing her true gender was simply an insignificant matter. However, just thinking about Nalan Manor, and also Nalan Feixue, who caused the death of Nalan Hexi, the corner of her mouth raised slightly, revealing a cold expression.

Her hand gently moved, like the flutter of a thin cicada wing, and suddenly a human skin mask appeared in her hand. After lightly wiping her face, she then applied the mask.

In the next moment, her youthful delicate skin, with an elegant and beautiful appearance, had now transformed into that of an ugly girl. Her complexion was now malnourished and sickly, with her skin dried up and swollen around her eyes.

Bai Hu look stunned as he pointed at Hexi’s face, speechless for half a day.

At this moment, a rough and fierce roar burst forth from the door, “Get off! Don’t you know who I am? How dare you block me, you all must be really impatient to die!”

The backyard’s gate was savagely pushed open, and an unusually tall and sturdy man dressed in blue walked in with large strides.

From his appearance, he looked to be around forty years old. With a fierce looking face and the tip of his eyes slightly squinting, he emitted a ruthless aura.

This man’s name is Qin Lu, he’s a slave from Nalan Manor and was one of Zhang Dezhong’s men. Due to the disappearance of Zhang Dezhong some time ago, Qin Lu had filled the gap of his absence and was promoted to Head Butler. He was currently very proud of his success.

However, once Bai Hu saw him, his face revealed nothing but disdain. This man was merely trash on the third rank of the Qi Refining stage. If he were to be assigned a place in Hell King Manor, he wouldn’t even be able to find work sweeping the floor at the most remote courtyard.

Wet Nurse Chen was terrified, yet still quickly walked forwards and blocked him, saying, “Butler Qin, we are honoured by your presence, but whatever is the matter? It’s better to tell this old slave, this old slave will then pass it on to Miss.”

“Get out of the way, damned old woman!” Qin Lu raised his foot and kicked Wet Nurse Chen, then said with disdain, “Who do you think you are! What sort of qualifications do you have to speak to me! Quickly call Nalan Hexi out here, I came here with orders from Madam.”

Finished speaking, he no longer looked at Wet Nurse Chen and taking big strides, he walked into the backyard.

Yet just as he entered the backyard, Qin Lu’s footsteps halted, his face showing a surprised expression.

Not only was Hexi sitting in the yard, casually drinking tea from a cup she held, but standing beside her there was a little girl who was arranging refreshments for her, while several tall and strong men were guarding her.

Close by her side, there stood a graceful and outstanding man who was unfamiliar to Qin Lu, yet he had a sinister looking smile upon his face as he looked at him.

Qin Lu couldn’t believe his eyes. Is she really that Third Miss, Nalan Hexi, who would only keep her head down while shrinking her shoulders and crying?

He looked carefully at her again. If it’s not Third Miss, then who else could it be? Who else had that same pale complexion, with the same ordinary physical body without spiritual power?

Humph, she’s only trash! Did she think she could threaten me just by gathering some ordinary people to fill this yard?

She’s dreaming!

Thinking till here, Qin Lu’s anger increased, so walking forwards in large strides he arrogantly faced Nalan Hexi and sneered, “Third Miss really has great style! I haven’t see you in a few months, yet from where did Third Miss manage to hook these wild men? Clearly you aren’t afraid that your reputation as a fickle woman would spread to the public, damaging Nalan Manor’s good reputation.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》