The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 105 – Return To Nalan Manor?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 105 – Return To Nalan Manor?

Chapter 105 – Return To Nalan Manor?

After saying all this he straightened back up again, and with an aloof manner said, “I came today to present to you Madam’s order. Madam said that during childhood Third Miss made a mistake, so she assigned you to live in this remote courtyard as a punishment. Now that you’ve lived in this courtyard for many years already, it can be considered that you’ve learned your lesson. Therefore, Madam and Master have kindly sent me to come take Third Miss back to Nalan Manor.”

Qin Lu finished speaking, his face proud as he waited for Hexi to shed tears of gratitude and kneel as she thanked him.

One must know that returning to Nalan Manor, or remaining in this courtyard, the treatment she would receive is like heaven and earth. Nalan Hexi was abandoned from an early age and lived a life worse than the servants. Now that she was finally able to return, she would definitely be insane if she wasn’t happy.

Wet Nurse Chen who was standing nearby gently exclaimed in joy, her eyes tearful as she murmured, “Miss, Miss, did you hear that? Master is finally taking you back, Master is finally acknowledging you!”

The expression in Qin Lu’s eyes became more arrogant, it faintly carried contempt over her misfortune.

Nalan Hexi and this old woman didn’t know, but how could she live comfortably after returning to Nalan Manor. It would be like dying without a burial place instead. At that time, his suffering and humiliation from today could be repaid.

Qin Lu grew excited as he thought of this, but after waiting for a long time, the anticipated gratitude didn’t come. As he raised his lowered head, he came into contact with the sarcastic expression in Hexi’s eyes.

Obviously that was the same thin and shallow face as a moment ago, yet unknown when, those eyes had become as sharp as a cold blade, radiating a chill capable of absorbing a person’s soul.

Qin Lu’s whole body felt like ice as he shuddered, and before he had a chance to speak, Hexi had already started to unhurriedly talk, “Oh, receive me back at Nalan Manor? This is Madam Nalan’s order, right?”

“Yes…yes, that’s how it is, so?” Qin Lu’s heart felt frozen as he was watched by those sharp eyes, causing him to stutter, “Madam has kindly graced you a favour, you should just obediently accept it.”

“Not too early, not too late, yet it’s only now that she shows her kindness? Does she regard I, Hexi, as a three year old child?” Hexi laughed coldly, “I’m unsure though, is this act done out of kindness, or maliciousness?”

The next moment her voice was filled with killing intent, “Unfortunately, it’s merely an insignificant Nalan Manor, yet now they want me to return. That all depends on whether I’m willing to return or not!”

Qin Lu’s complexion changed as he bellowed, “Third Miss, you’ve been given face by Madam allowing you to return, but you have no shame. You’re just an illegitimate child from a lowly and shameless woman! You’re one who still kneels at our feet asking for food, or have you forgotten that? You still think of yourself as a Miss from Nalan Manor? Pu! Wait for a bit and Nalan Manor will remove you from the family registry, we’ll see how long it will take for you to die then…”

Qin Lu’s voice was cut off with a grunt, his body forcefully lifted off the ground by a single hand at his throat.

He opened his mouth wide and issued a ‘ka ka’ sound, his whole face turning a mottled purple and red. Staring at the thin and weak little girl’s hand which held him suspended, his eyes showed his shock and fear.

Hexi smiled slightly at Qin Lu and asked with a gentle voice, “Bai Hu, your Master, how does he deal with insubordinate slaves who bully their Master?”

Bai Hu gazed coldly at Qin Lu whose throat was still gripped by Hexi, and sinisterly said, “It’s execution by a thousand cuts of course, then crushing the bones and scattering the ashes. This kind of filthy guy, don’t tell me he will have to remain and keep dirtying my eyes?”

Qin Lu suddenly opened his eyes wide. They were filled with fear as he struggled with all his might and shouted with a hoarse voice, “You wouldn’t dare! Madam…Madam will not let you off!”

“We still don’t know who’s willing to let who off!” Invisible Needles appeared like magic in Hexi’s hand, then suddenly, she jabbed them directly into his brain.


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