The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 107 – I’ll Go Back With You
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 107 – I’ll Go Back With You

Chapter 107 – I’ll Go Back With You

As soon as she finished speaking, instead of letting Bai Hu continue stammering as he thought of what he could say, he was ruthlessly driven out of the courtyard.

After dealing with Qin Lu and sending Bai Hu away, Hexi didn’t immediately return to her room. Rather, she chose to continue sitting in the yard, calmly waiting.

An hour later, as expected, someone came to visit this remote courtyard. It was Nalan Manor’s Butler, Wang Zhong.

From his appearance, it seemed that Wang Zhong was no more than a simple and honest middle aged man, possibly somewhere between thirty to forty years old. With thick eyebrows framing big eyes, it would be easy to think that he was unsophisticated judging by what he was wearing. In reality though, his cultivation base is the highest amongst the slaves in Nalan Manor. He had already reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, and soon, he would be able to breakthrough to the Meridians stage.

As he walked over, his gaze swept over the pool of blood on the ground, his eyebrows wrinkling slightly.

In the courtyard there still remained the aura of an expert, an expert far higher than himself, causing fear to rise within Wang Zhong.

While he was looking around, his gaze finally landed on Hexi who was still leisurely drinking tea, and the suspicion in his eyes became more pronounced.

This is that legendary incompetent and cowardly Third Miss of Nalan Manor who was judged as trash and driven away? Yet seeing her appearance now, although she was malnourished and sickly, without a trace of spiritual power, the expression in her eyes was radiant. Where does she resemble a weak and cowardly person?

Could it be said that because there’s an expert who’s supporting this Third Miss from behind the scenes, that she was able to be so arrogant? Even Qin Lu had suffered under her evil scheme.

Humph! She really has an exaggerated opinion of her abilities for a young girl. Did she think that just because she had managed to find a patron that she would be able to confront Nalan Manor? This being said, it’s only an ordinary person who would be taken advantage of!

Wang Zhong’s heart was full of disdain, but on the surface he acted respectful, “This old slave has come carrying Madam’s order. Third Miss, please return back to the Manor.”

Hexi placed the cup of tea down, lightly laughing, “If I don’t return?”

Wang Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and without any warning, severe power was suddenly flowing from his body.

The power pressure belonged to a high level martial artist, causing the complexions of Zhangsan, Xi Jia, and the others who were originally guarding Hexi, to change. Some of them with a relatively weak cultivation base even felt their knees turn soft as they fell to the ground with a thump.

Even Hexi’s complexion somewhat paled, her body sitting beside the table stone slightly trembling.

Wang Zhong became pleased as he looked at these weak people, they were like ants as they trembled in front of him. Slowly, he withdrew his spiritual power.

A respectful smile was still plastered across his face, but his eyes showed his contempt and a promise for violence, “This old slave came with Madam’s order, I must bring Third Miss back. If Third Miss insists on being disagreeable, then this old slave will have no choice but to tie Third Miss up and return with you bound like that.”

Hexi slightly lowered her eyes, the expression on her small shallow face unreadable. Yet, as if she was intimidated and fearful, you could see her hair slightly trembling.

After a long while, Wang Zhong finally heard her quiet voice, “Okay, I’ll go back with you.”

Wang Zhong nodded his head in satisfaction, his opinion of Hexi had lowered even more, and he now firmly believed that she was still just a coward and incompetent trash. At most, she only hugged a thigh that wasn’t thick enough, it was simply too weak to be feared.

As for Qin Lu, who knew whether he was killed or injured. He was trash with no strength that only knew how to flatter people, no one in the Manor was worried about his life or death.

Hexi was just about to jump into the carriage that Wang Zhong had arranged, when from behind, Wet Nurse Chen anxiously called out to her, “Miss, Miss, let this old slave and Xiao Li accompany you back! In the future, you shall stand in Nalan Manor, becoming a genuine Young Miss. What will you do if you don’t have a Wet Nurse and servant girl beside you!”

Wet Nurse Chen’s eyes were full of hope, as if longing for Hexi to become a Miss of Nalan Manor so that she could have a promising future.

The corner of Hexi’s mouth revealed the trace of a cold smile as she slowly said, “Since Wet Nurse wants to go with me, then I’ll bring you. Xiao Li, you stay here to continue monitoring the training of Xi Jia and the other’s, wait here until I come back.”


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