The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 113 – How Could You Be Here?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 113 – How Could You Be Here?

Chapter 113 – How Could You Be Here?

When Master Zhu learnt that Zhu Zhongba was beaten, he had become extremely furious. Yet when he knew it was Nalan Manor’s Second Miss, Nalan Feixue, that had whipped and stripped his son’s clothes, his anger immediately turned into happiness. Just the thought of it made him very happy.

It didn’t need to be said that the Nalan family’s background is above that of the Zhu family, and that moreover, Nalan Feixue is famous in Jin Ling kingdom as a genius martial artist. At such a young age she had already reached the early ranks of the Foundation Establishment stage, otherwise, the Ouyang family wouldn’t have even considered marrying her to Ouyang Haoxuan.

Master Zhu had already given up hope regarding the ability of Zhu Zhongba’s cultivation base and his knowledge, but if he were to marry a talented wife from a family with a successful background, when a grandson is born, wouldn’t he be the best choice as the Zhu family’s heir?

With this idea, the Zhu family wouldn’t let go of this golden opportunity. They would take Nalan Feixue as a wife, even if it meant ruining her reputation.

Originally the Nalan family had refused to yield, yet 2 days ago the Zhu family suddenly heard the news that they were welcome to visit and propose marriage. Master Zhu beamed with joy on the spot, and for the sake of insurance they even invited the Sixth Prince as a witness, then grandly headed towards Nalan Manor.

Early in the morning, Madam Nalan ordered servants to clean up the Main Hall, and directed for people to invite Hexi over.

At this moment, Hexi’s complexion was still as shallow as before, but her tranquil and deep eyes from several days ago had now become dull and expressionless, while an occasional timid and fearful expression would flash across her face.

A trace of happiness passed through Madam Nalan’s heart. She had planned well and everything was all prepared. Today she’ll definitely be able to settle the problem that’s been pressuring her these last several days.

However, when she saw the procession of people following Master Zhu, Madam Nalan’s complexion suddenly became green and white.

Among the group of people that came, apart from Master Zhu, Zhu Zhongba, and the Sixth Prince, unexpectedly, there was a handsome young man standing straight and tall.

That young man’s face was extremely familiar, so familiar to Madan Nalan that once she saw him her eyes opened wide and she uncontrollably exclaimed, “Ouyang Haoxuan, how can you be here?”

That’s right, the person who came is Ouyang Haoxuan. The same person who half a year ago was still reclining on a bed only half alive, the one whose marriage was withdrawn by the Nalan family, that Ouyang Haoxuan.

Ouyang Haoxuan hadn’t yet spoken, so the Sixth Prince stepped forward, smiling as he spoke, “Haoxuan is my friend, he fell ill and was confined to a bed. Now that he’s finally completely recovered, I brought him with us to relieve his boredom. Madam Nalan will not take offence right!”

“How could this be?” Madam Nalan’s face was white as she yelled, “Old Master said that no one was able to cure his illness! That he would be a useless person for a lifetime, so I…”

The words Madam Nalan spoke didn’t bother Ouyang Haoxuan, but the expression of the Sixth Prince sank.

He is currently fighting over the position of Emperor and the assistance he receives from the Ouyang family is extremely important. Originally due to Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness, the Ouyang family had no time to bother about who to back as Emperor, while he is also not very good at gaining support. Now that Ouyang Haoxuan had finally recovered, coupled with the fact that their previous relationship was pretty good, he naturally grasped this opportunity. How can he tolerate other people slandering Ouyang Haoxuan?!

The Sixth Prince’s gaze burned as he coldly stared at Madam Nalan, “Does Madam Nalan realise what you’ve said? Haoxuan is this Prince’s friend. If you slander my friend again, this Prince is obliged to have no other choice than to return and report this to Royal Father.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》