The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 115 – Achieving A Good Marriage
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 115 – Achieving A Good Marriage

Chapter 115 – Achieving A Good Marriage

Madam Nalan’s words hadn’t yet finished, when Zhu Zhongba under the control of Hexi, started jumping and shouting, “It’s not her! Dad, it’s not this ugly person! Does Nalan Manor take me as a fool to play with? An ugly, useless, and saltless woman like this, how could this Young Master even look at her? Moreover Nalan Feixue is known as a shrewish vixen, yet look this timid and weak person, how is she the same as Nalan Feixue?!”

Zhu Yiqun’s complexion sank in a split second, and coldly directed at Madam Nalan, “Madam Nalan, what is the meaning of this? Taking an unknown female servant and getting her to act as a substitute, do you think my Zhu family is fun to mess with? With that being the case, don’t blame me for becoming hostile. Your Highness Sixth Prince, when we return I must meet with Gui Fei[1] to inform her about Nalan Manor taking advantage of their position to bully my Zhu family. We’ll see if your Nalan family’s daughter will still be able to be married off in the future or not!”

Sixth Prince smiled and nodded, his expression was of one watching a good play.

Madam Nalan became anxious, quickly saying, “This is Hexi, our Nalan Manor’s Third Miss, definitely not an unknown female servant. If Master Zhu does not believe me, you can go to the city to check the household register. You’ll then be able see whether or not Nalan Manor has a Third Miss called Nalan Hexi.”

Pausing, Madam Nalan slowly released a sigh, her face showing remorse and grief, “This is also my fault for not strictly teaching my daughter. A few days ago we learnt that because Feixue was absent from Nalan Manor, with a heart full of grievance, she unexpectedly pretended to be Feixue and prostituted herself in Gluttonous House, hoping to find her ideal husband. We and Feixue were unaware of this matter until a few days ago when Hexi’s personal servant revealed everything, only then did we know…that she and Young Master Zhu already had a close physical relationship. Although this is unreasonable, it can be considered that the Zhu family and our Nalan family were predestined to have a relationship, to be able to achieve a good marriage by fate would be beneficial for both of our of families, right?”

Hexi felt like applauding when she heard Madam Nalan’s words, because as to the truth of this matter, she had guessed about a lot of it.

Moreover, these words also hinted to Zhu Yiqun, that if the Zhu family wanted to form a connection by marriage with the Nalan family, they would have to accept Hexi. In the first place, with the Nalan family’s background and Nalan Zhengze’s medical expertise, the benefit of a marriage between the two families would be great, while neither parties would suffer a loss. So why would he be confused about which Young Miss of the Nalan family his son should marry?

Zhu Yiqun showed a contemplative expression on his face, was he beginning to consider this proposal?

However, will Hexi let Madam Nalan succeed? Of course not!

Suddenly, they heard Zhu Zhongba once again shout, “Nalan Hexi? Isn’t that the famous trash of the Nalan family, without a cultivation base and an ugly appearance? If I married her, who knows what sort of son would be born, wouldn’t he be useless trash?!”

“Dad, I don’t want to marry her! You see her cowardly and useless appearance, how could she have managed to beat me up into a pig? No matter what, my cultivation base is still rank nine of the Qi Refining stage, so how could I be beaten all over by this woman who doesn’t have even the littlest bit of spiritual power? If this were to be spread in the future, how would I conduct myself?! Dad, Nalan Manor simply want to substitute in shoddy goods, making fun of us, so Dad, you absolutely can not agree to them!”

Zhu Yiqun’s expression sunk in a flash.

Although his son’s words were unpleasant to hear, they are still true.

Noticing the young girl’s lowered head and her dimwitted appearance, one look was all it took for him to know that she wasn’t favoured in the Nalan family. Even if his son were to marry her, how much assistance would the Zhu family actually be able to obtain? It’s simply a child thrown out by the Nalan family!

[1]Gui Fei means senior Concubine, here it’s referring to the Sixth Prince’s mother, Zhu Yiqun’s younger sister, Zhu Raorao, who married the Emperor.


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