The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 116 – Nalan Zhengze
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 116 – Nalan Zhengze

Chapter 116 – Nalan Zhengze

Thinking of this, the expression in Zhu Yiqun’s eyes became gloomy and cold, and with a stern voice he said, “Where’s Nalan Zhengze? I want to ask him if he still wants his reputation as the number one doctor of Jin Ling kingdom! Unexpectedly he condones his wife and child’s behaviour of fooling and deceiving my Zhu family. I came today to propose marriage and give your Nalan Manor face in accepting Nalan Feixue as a member of my Zhu family, yet if we were following tradition and only bringing a small sedan to receive her as a concubine, no one would dare say anything!”

“You—you dare—!” Madam Nalan screamed, no longer able to tolerable his words, “You should take a look at what kind of a person your Zhu family’s son is! He’s now almost thirty years old and hasn’t even reached the Foundation Establishment stage, whereas my daughter is a peerlees talented who is only eighteen years old and has already reached the Foundation Establishment stage. Your son wishing to marry my Feixue is like a toad wanting to eat swan meat, don’t even think about it!”

“I’ll warn you now, either you set the marriage between your Zhu family and Nalan Hexi today, or you can get lost! Do you think that Nalan Manor is afraid of your Zhu family?”

She will absolutely not allow her baby daughter to marry this kind of idiot, especially in front of Ouyang Haoxuan!!

Madam Nalan’s threat made the complexion of the Zhu family father and son, as well as that of the Sixth Prince, become extremely ugly.

Madam Nalan even resorted to shoving Hexi herself, roaring, “Quickly speak, say that you admire Young Master Zhu and want to marry him as a Main Wife. A few days ago, wasn’t it you who told me that you fell in love at first sight with Young Master Zhu at Gluttonous House, so therefore you followed him to Zhu Manor?”

After Hexi was pushed she staggered a bit, and with her legs soft, she simply sat down on the chair beside her.

Since the beginning her head had been hanging low, her body shivering, while a timid and pitiful expression was frozen on her face. With the look of one being bullied, her mouth kept saying, “I…I…”, as if she was unable to say a complete sentence, making Zhu Yiqun believe more than ever that she was being forced.

Only Ouyang Haoxuan had slowly seen the clues of what was happening, but for him to be able to see the Nalan family and Nalan Feixue have bad luck, of course he wouldn’t expose it. Instead, he added fuel to the fire.

He laughed lightly, and as if he was gossiping to the Sixth Prince said, “I’m still unsure of when Madam Nalan become Nalan Manor’s Master. At the time they withdrew marriage it was like this, and now with the Zhu family, it’s exactly the same situation. Doctor Nalan never actually shows his face by being present so people who know him will say that doctor Nalan is busy, but people who don’t know him will think that doctor Nalan is a weak and incompetent man, relying on his wife and child to act as the bad people.”

The Sixth Prince laughed when he heard this and was about to reply when a servant suddenly started calling in a panic from outside the door, “Mas…Master, you’ve come?”

Madam Nalan’s complexion changed while panic and fright swirled in her eyes one after another, and suddenly grabbing Hexi’s clothes, she abruptly started twisting the fabric.

All this time Nalan Zhengze had actually been in the Manor, but he was in his basement researching medicine.

Regarding the matter of Nalan Feixue, Madam Nalan had mentioned it to him yet he had been unwilling to respond. So Madam Nalan had no choice but to think of a way to restore her daughter’s and Nalan Manor’s reputation by herself.

In fact, there is no way that it was possible for Hexi to be a substitute as Nalan Zhengze had already ordered earlier, that without his permission, no one was allowed to use Hexi. If he knew of what she was doing now…

Thinking of her cold and fickle husband, Madam Nalan’s body couldn’t help but tremble.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》