The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 117 – Slapping Her Face
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 117 – Slapping Her Face

Chapter 117 – Slapping Her Face

From his outward appearance, Nalan Zhengze is a tall and handsome man. With a short moustache above his upper lip, a long fluttering beard and fair skin, his countenance was that of a refined sage.

Yet the first time Hexi saw this person she felt a chill spread throughout her heart, especially when those fathomless eyes swept over her. It was like being stared at by a poisonous snake, the muscles in her body couldn’t help but become taut.

He, this cheap Father, really wasn’t a simple guy.

Looking at Hexi he noticed her head hanging low with a shivering and timid appearance, her face shallow and pale, and that she was still without spiritual power. Nothing was different from the last time he saw her.

So Nalan Zhengze quickly shifted his line of sight, yet when his gaze fell on Ouyang Haoxuan, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

His body stiffened for a long time before he then stepped forward, slightly nodding his head, “Young Master Ouyang, previously this old man learnt that his skills weren’t good enough as I was unable to find a method to heal you. I don’t know which Genius Doctor with magical hands and a miracle cure was able to fix your fractured meridians.”

When speaking, Nalan Zhengze’s expression was completely tranquil, while on the contrary, his eyes burned eyes hate, unwillingness to accept his failure blazing fiercely.

Ever since a rumour had spread in the streets about a young Genius Doctor being able to heal fractured meridians, he had continuously dispatched his people to secretly find him. As long as he managed to find that person and dig out his secrets then he, Nalan Zhengze, would be able to become a genuine Genius Doctor. He would even be able to join the upper ranks of the Doctor’s Association.

However, all of his people had been searching for more than half a month with no results, yet the Ouyang family had managed to find him. For this Genius Doctor to cure Ouyang Haoxuan that he, Nalan Zhengze, had diagnosed as certainly going to die, it is simply slapping his face!

Ouyang Haoxuan calmly looked at Nalan Zhengze, laughing lightly as he said, “There’s no need for doctor Nalan to be modest, your medical expertise is excellent. Compared to the other doctors, you concluded the earliest that I couldn’t be cured, even neatly withdrawing the marriage agreement between your Nalan family and my Ouyang family. This judgment and decision-making ability, how can it at all compare to an insignificant Genius Doctor.”

His words were full of mockery and ridicule, causing the Nalan family’s complexion to turn green and white. The Sixth Prince even laughed out loud, from time to time even offering his own words of praise, but those words of praise were more like sarcasm.

Rage flashed across Nalan Zhengze’s face before he quickly recovered, and turning his head, he faced Zhu Yiqun, “I was unaware that Master Zhu had payed a visit and was unable to welcome you, I’m very sorry.”

Zhu Yiqun was roared at by Madam Nalan just a moment ago, so with his displeasure still written across his face, he coldly said, “Doctor Nalan doesn’t have to speak so politely, today I’m only here for an answer. Your daughter Nalan Feixue and my son Zhu Zhongba have an intimate physical relationship, my son was even whipped by her. Nalan Feixue belongs to us of the Zhu family. Today I asked the Sixth Prince to be a witness as we propose marriage and to give your Nalan family face, yet who would have thought that your good wife would unexpectedly bring out a useless Concubine’s daughter instead! Using this Third Miss to fool us and wanting to make her act as a substitute, is this you wanting to step on my Zhu family’s face?”

The more Nalan Zhengze heard, the uglier his face became. After hearing everything he suddenly turned around, and swinging his hand, he ruthlessly slapped his palm on Madam Nalan’s face.

Madam Nalan was completely caught off guard, her body falling to the ground with a thump. Clutching her red and swollen cheek with one hand, her eyes showed her shock and fear, her voice shaking, “My Lord, you…you…how can you hit me?!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》