The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 118 – Foolish Woman
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 118 – Foolish Woman

Chapter 118 – Foolish Woman

Nalan Zhengze’s eyes were ruthless as they swept over her and he spoke only one sentence, “I’ll settle this with you later!”

Then looking at Zhu Yiqun again, with his face set in one of apology, he said, “My wife has behaved outrageously, acting like Master Zhu and the Sixth Prince are a joke. Regarding Feixue’s matter I’ve already investigated it, and since the Zhu family has Feixue’s personal token, then it can be seen that the Nalan family and the Zhu family have a relationship. Since that’s the case, for the two people involved to be able to form a connection, Feixue is honoured. We hope that in the future after Feixue is married, that the Zhu family will be able to treat her well.”

“Of course, of course!” Zhu Yiqun, seeing that he had achieved his purpose, immediately beamed with joy, “Once Second Miss is married, she’ll be one of my Zhu family’s people, so as long she abides by how a woman is supposed to act, we of the Zhu family will naturally treat her well. Then since the marriage of our two families is decided, I also brought an invitation card for Zhongba’s birthday celebration, I thought that it would be better to set the marriage for the same time~”

“My Lord, you’re crazy! How can Feixue marry this…” Madam Nalan’s scream was immediately silenced under Nalan Zhengze’s cold and sharp glare.

As she clutched her cheek due to the numbing pain spreading throughout her face, thinking of her daughter’s ruined future, her grief rose from within and caused her to quietly weep.

Hexi squatted next to Madam Nalan and looked as if she wanted to help support her up, yet instead, she lightly wiped a colourless and odourless medicinal powder on Madam Nalan’s wound.

Madam Nalan fiercely shoved her away and cursed in a sharp voice, “Slut! It’s you, it’s you who caused trouble for my Feixue! Get lost—-! Just get lost—-!”

Hexi took advantage of the shove to tumble on the ground, and curling her body up, she started shivering.

Nalan Zhengze glanced at her, still despising that cowardly and incompetent appearance, yet in the bottom of his heart he felt that something was fishy.

But Nalan Zhengze had no time to think more about it as Zhu Yiqun was urging him to hurry up. So he quickly led the few men in the room to his study to exchange invitation cards, and also set a date for Zhu Zhongba and Nalan Feixue’s marriage.

Although he was somewhat reluctant to part with Nalan Feixue, as she is after all a daughter he had raised at his knee, compared to the welfare of Nalan Manor, there is nothing that couldn’t be sacrificed.

Madam Nalan saw them leave to settle matters and all she could do was weep endlessly. Before leaving to follow them she instructed for Wang Zhong to send Hexi back to the other courtyard, and with a strict look, she declared that Hexi was never allowed to return to Nalan Manor again.

As she watched the back’s of the people leaving, Hexi finally raised her head with a smirk upon her face.

Madam Nalan, didn’t you give me medicine for seven days hoping that I would become an idiot? In that case, not reciprocating would be rude. I’ll respond in kind by letting you suffer from advanced symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. You better hope that my cheap Father is truly a genius doctor, otherwise, you’ll be a deranged senile woman for the rest of your life!


Late at night in the courtyard by Cang Mountain, stars are twinkling and the moonlight is perfect.

Hexi was sitting alone on the roof of the highest building in the courtyard, lightly frowning as she gazed towards the vast sky full of stars.

Tomorrow is the agreed upon day that Nangong Yu promised to lift the seal on her dantian, but that guy had disappeared for several days already, while these last two days Bai Hu had also not come.

Before her eyes a man’s handsome face slowly emerged, with a demonic and pampering smile, and…that hot breath and a hug she couldn’t oppose.

Hexi’s face reddened and she secretly scolded “bastard”, but her originally jittery heart had gradually settled down.

Nangong Yu was mostly overbearing, leaving her little room to resist, but this man was serious when he made that promise, making her unconsciously want to believe him. Without any reason at all, she just believed that he wouldn’t deceive her.

Hexi was lost in thought when suddenly, she shivered from a coldness that froze her body, causing her to become alert and abruptly sit up.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》