The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 120 – Nalan Hexi’s Mother?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 120 – Nalan Hexi’s Mother?

Chapter 120 – Nalan Hexi’s Mother?

Just then, the other black clothed men that had been searching the small courtyard rushed in, conveying their results to the man standing over Hexi.

This place is a spiritual energy wasteland, so even though they searched such a big courtyard, they couldn’t find even one spiritual plant or a piece of crystal stone, let alone something like a Jade Slip.

The black clothed man glared fiercely at the sleeping soundly Hexi, and suddenly raising his hand, he reached down to strangle her.

Hexi was scared as she watched from her space. At this moment, she clearly sensed the man’s killing intent. He exuded loathing and detest, as if he was itching to dismember her body into pieces.

All of Hexi’s soft hair was standing on end as she resisted the almost unbearable urge to exit her space. Yet just as she was about to move, she heard the man suddenly start to talk with a low, hoarse voice, “I didn’t expect that from the stunning you, all that would remain of your bloodline is actually trash destined to be bullied like this. If at that time you had obeyed me…hehe, as things have reached this stage, I wonder if you regret your decision!”

Finished speaking he withdrew his hand, and shouting a low “Withdraw”, he then left the room.

Once Hexi was certain that all the intruders had left, her consciousness exited her space and returned to her body.

Touching her neck that still felt chilled, a trace of doubt emerged in her heart. What was the meaning of the last sentence that man had spoken? This stunning person, is that the Mother of Nalan Hexi?

However, Nalan Hexi’s Mother was obviously Nalan Zhengze’s Concubine. If she had really been peerless, how could she have been willing to be someone’s Concubine?

Previously she had thought that Nalan Hexi is a daughter of an unfavored Concubine from Nalan Manor. Petty and low, cowardly, and without the slightest innate talent for cultivating, even the most lowly servant hadn’t paid attention to her. Yet now it seems that Nalan Hexi’s identity is apparently…not so simple?

Hexi was puzzled as she got up to examine every corner of her small courtyard.

The actions of these men were very careful. Although they had randomly dug three feet holes around the yard, the items arranged in the house hadn’t been disturbed much, and everyone was still sleeping soundly.

In the end, what was that group of black clothed people looking for?


At this moment, that group of black clothed people that Hexi was wondering about were rapidly sneaking into Yan Jing city, jumping between the high building walls.

Several breaths later, they arrived in front of a huge residence of a high ranking official. The leader of the black clothed men took off his mask, and ripping off the black clothes, he strutted through the half open side door. The remaining three men quietly hid, not entering the courtyard.

Above this residence’s gate hung an impressive and imposing plaque with two words…“Nalan Manor”. The leader of the black clothed men is Yan Jing city’s most outstanding, famous, and number one doctor – Nalan Zhengze.

Nalan Zhengze’s face was overcast as he walked into his study, and after confirming that no one was nearby, he quickly stepped in front of a red wood shelf, using one hand to rotate an ordinary looking vase left and right a few times.

The next moment the red wood shelf issued “ka ka” sounds, and shifting to the left and the right, it revealed an empty room.

A simple pill furnace and some refining tools were set up, while on the left there was a spiral staircase leading down. In front of the pill furnace, there hung a picture of a beautiful woman.

Nalan Zhengze slowly stepped forward, staring at the picture without blinking as he walked.

On the slightly yellowed paper a beautiful woman that could make a person have to pause and catch their breath vividly appeared. With long shapely eyebrows and phoenix eyes, a beautiful nose and snow white skin, her cold and indifferent expression made her look like a goddess from the ninth heaven. Such a lofty woman would of course not bother with ordinary people.


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