The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 132 – Unlucky Zhu Que
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 132 – Unlucky Zhu Que

Chapter 132 – Unlucky Zhu Que

As Zhu Que stood there, the huge vortex hovered over her, and little by little, it suctioned out many years worth of her accumulated spiritual power that she had cultivated. Her complexion aged and withered at a speed naked to the eye, yet she was completely unaware of it. Zhu Que’s entire body trembled as she became devoid of rationality, and she rushed towards Hexi in the centre of the vortex.

It is unknown when, but she was now holding a dagger, the tip shining a strange blue-green. Obviously it is smeared with something highly poisonous.

A crazy smile was plastered across Zhu Que’s lips; even if she had to risk her cultivation base, she must kill this woman, she must get revenge of the hatred due to her disfigurement! Furthermore, she will not let this slut snatch Master away!!

“Zhu Que, you can’t—!” Qing Long and the others exclaimed, their complexions suddenly changing.

However, it was too late, the sharp dagger blurring as it was fiercely stabbed towards Hexi.

But the expected eruption of blood didn’t happen. On the contrary, Zhu Que who had rushed over screamed, and with her body resembling a kite flying off after it’s string is broken, she flew around the room, finally crashing into a wall.

She spit out a mouthful of blood, denial and hatred in her eyes as she glanced at Hexi, then fainted with disappointment written across her features.

Bai Hu looked at her worriedly, whispering, “Zhu Que didn’t form a protective barrier over herself before she fainted, her cultivation base…”

“Humph, she valued her jealousy more than Master’s safety. She reaps what she sowed!” Wu Xin’s cold and pitiless words instantly dispelled Bai Hu’s intention of helping Zhu Que.

Just at this moment, Nangong Yu suddenly opened his eyes in the centre of the vortex. He first thoroughly examined Hexi’s body using his spiritual power, to make sure she wasn’t in any danger, then, his cold dark eyes swept around the room, finally landing on several of his subordinates outside the door.

Wu Xin and the others felt their bodies quiver all over under the gaze of those cruel, icy red eyes, to the point that they were almost unable to maintain their protective barriers.

Nangong Yu coldly snorted, then said in a low voice, “No next time! Whoever dares to violate my orders in the future, don’t even bother to appear in front of me again.”

As he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the door that was knocked open by Wu Xin closed in a flash, firmly sealed with a spiritual power enchantment.

Wu Xin gasped for breath, his face sagging into an expression of relief after the terror he had felt.

Just a moment ago, Master’s expression when he had looked at him was really too frightening.

Wu Yu frowned while muttering next to him, “It’s close to the time for Master’s illness to show up. If Master is like this now, what will happen to him later, will he be okay?”

They all looked at each other in dismay, sinking into a depressed silence.


At this time, everyone worrying in the courtyard of Hell King Manor wouldn’t know, but that vortex which had first only affected the six of them, had now swept throughout Yan Jing City.

Apart from Nangong Yu, no one knew that in the centre of this vortex, the seal on Hexi’s dantian is gradually lifting.

At this moment, Hexi’s dantian resembled a dissatisfied and greedy black hole. Countless amounts of spiritual energy was being sucked in, but when the spiritual energy was completely absorbed, it was still unsatisfied.

The vortex continued to expand, and the fierce wind began to strengthen abruptly, causing dust and sand to fly everywhere. While the spiritual energy that was drawn into the vortex, regardless of whether it was from the air or the vegetation, was completely absorbed.

Demonic beasts in the forest rampaged, their bodies all emitting a harsh light as they resisted their spiritual energy being absorbed with all their strength.

In the sky of Yan Jing city, martial artists riding on Flying Swords suddenly felt the swords under their feet start buzzing, and no longer able to transfer their spiritual power, they fell down from the sky one by one. Fortunately, every martial artist that is able to fly possessed a magical tool that would protect their body and save their life, so they were luckily able to escape from an ending of becoming a meat patty.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》