The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 134 – High Rank Foundation Establishment Stage
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 134 – High Rank Foundation Establishment Stage

Chapter 134 – High Rank Foundation Establishment Stage

The bottom of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring boiled, a vortex hovered above Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, and a click could be heard from every door in Xumi Palace.

And inside Xumi Palace, inside one of the empty rooms, the constantly leaping light within the huge egg suddenly froze. Cracks now started to appear across its formerly smooth surface, as if something was about to break out of it…


Warm sunshine shone in from outside, illuminating Hexi’s body. The speck of golden light flickered across her beautiful and delicate face, resembling a naughty spirit, causing her to wake.

With her long eyelashes slightly trembling, Hexi frowned as she slowly opened her eyes. Just as she was about to move her body, she suddenly released a pained groan.

Her whole body felt like it had been crushed by elephants running over it. The ache was unbearable, especially the meridians within her body, they felt like they had been pulled by something. Even moving one finger was painful.

Hexi took a deep breath, wanting to soothe her body by running her internal energy through it, yet unexpectedly, her dantian slightly responded as well. There was the pure essence of spiritual power overflowing from her dantian, and in a flash, it spread to the meridians throughout her body.

Under the nourishment from the spiritual power circulating, the pain in her meridians slowly soothed, gradually helping her limbs to become more flexible. The feeling resembled a whole body massage, and Hexi couldn’t help but sigh due to the comfortableness of it.

Suddenly, her expression changed and she abruptly sat up.

With the spiritual power in her dantian working, and using the awareness of Divine Sense[1] to be able to see clearly, she could watch the spiritual power slowly wandering about in her meridians. When the spiritual power reached the meridian running to her hand, Hexi’s mind focused, and in the next moment, a multicoloured ball of light formed on her palm.

Shocked, she lost her focus, and the multicoloured ball of light instantly disappeared.

This…how could this be? Her dantian is unsealed?

Moreover, the spiritual power within her dantian had raised her cultivation base to at least ninth rank of the Foundation Establishment stage?

Her memories from before she lost consciousness slowly overflowed, and she remembered that she was being chased by several Meridians stage assassins who wanted to kill her, so she had fled into Cang Mountain. Although she had tried every method to deal with them, even managing to kill two of them, in the end, there was still a gap in their strength and her’s, and the enemy had stabbed her through the chest and abdomen with a sword.

Yet now her body wasn’t injured, while her skin was even more exquisite and translucent than before. Even the white whip scars marring her skin had completely disappeared.

So is she really completely awake? Furthermore, in such a short while she had managed to jump over the Qi Refining stage, landing on a high rank of the Foundation Establishment stage?

Hexi’s heart filled with joy. After transmigrating her strength had been too weak, and she had had no way to advance as her dantian was sealed, so all along she was anxious. The majestic Bai Wuchang[2], the organisation’s youngest gold medal killer since the beginning of history, had unexpectedly fallen to the point of being called trash in a different world?

Now that she had finally broken her shackles, and advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage in such a short while, how could she not be happy? One must know that apart from here; the prodigy filled Hell King Manor, that throughout all of Yan Jing city there is only a few Meridians stage martial artists. While it was possible to count the amount of Gold Core stage martial artists with only ten fingers.

In her memories, Nalan Feixue was called a talented martial artist because it had only taken her two years to reach the early stages of the Foundation Establishment stage.

Hexi laughed lightly, she couldn’t help but spread her palm out once again, and very soon, another multicoloured ball of light filled with spiritual power appeared on her palm.

Focusing her mind, she subtly controlled the spiritual power, and without much effort that multicoloured ball of light turned red, representing the fire element.

Hexi’s eyes shone, and the red coloured ball of spiritual power soon became blue, representing the water element.

[1]Divine Sense – An ability possessed by cultivators to scan their surroundings (far beyond the limits of their ordinary 5 senses) with their spirit. The total area they can scan corresponds to the strength of their spirit.
[2]Bai Wuchang – White Impermanence. Hexi’s assassin name from her past life.


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