The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 137 – Spirit Firmament Palace
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 137 – Spirit Firmament Palace

Chapter 137 – Spirit Firmament Palace

However, thinking about it now, Hexi herself is also hungry. Just before she was chased by the assassins, she had made a lot of food and placed it safely in a room in Xumi Palace, specifically finding a cabinet to organise and store different foods. Remembering it now made her salivate.

One must know that the time in Xumi Palace has practically stopped, so the food stored inside, no matter how long it is left there, is still exactly the same as when it was stored. So when it’s removed, even the steam wouldn’t have dissipated.

Arriving at the front of Xumi Palace, Hexi was surprised to discover that even Xumi Palace has gone through some strange changes.

Xumi Palace has 81 doors, and in total there are nine palaces all grouped together, nine doors to every palace. Yet because most of the doors were closed, Hexi was unable to see what was inside them. Therefore, up until now Hexi had only known what the first palace is called, the Spirit Firmament Palace. The only door open there was the first room where Dandan was placed.

But now, after her space had promoted, the originally locked eight doors had unexpectedly disappeared. There was now only one door remaining with the words “Spirit Firmament Door” on top of it, and at this moment it was closed.

Hexi slowly pushed the door open, and in a flash, her mind was suddenly filled with vague information— “Ninth Palace in Heaven, this is Spirit Firmament. All living things are for thou to use.”

The door completely opened, and the first thing Hexi saw, is eight jade boxes floating in the air, surrounded by flickering white light.

The shape of these jade boxes is quite ordinary, and on the jade boxes a simple totem is carved. Hexi felt that she had seen this totem somewhere before.

Each jade box is surrounded by a milky white, close to transparent light, and the jade boxes floated around the room on this light, like mischievous imps. Hexi reached out her hand to catch them, yet they darted away before she could even grab one.

Her eyes were following one of the jade boxes, when her gaze fell to the left corner of the room, and suddenly she was so shocked she nearly jumped.

She saw an extremely familiar storage rack, and arranged on it had been her cooking tools, etc. Clearly the Spirit Firmament Door was Dandan’s former location.

But now, that corner is in a mess. The small doors on the storage rack were open, empty bowls and plates were piled in a heap, while there were several chewed bones thrown to the ground.

Veins appeared on Hexi’s forehead, and turning around, she saw Dandan duck it’s small head. With the appearance of a guilty conscience, it secretly tried to slip away, immediately letting Hexi know who the culprit is.

She extended out her hand, grabbed it’s neck, and lifted it before her eyes, darkly asking, “Dandan, did you eat these things?”

Dandan ducked it’s small head again, pitifully replying, “Mother, I was hungry…when I climbed out of the egg…hungry…so I eat~~”

The corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched, “This cabinet was full of food! You’ve eaten so much, yet you still dare to shout at me that you’re hungry?!”

Her braised moon chicken, roasted cloud rabbit, preserved porcupine leg…two full storage racks of food! She spent a lot of crystal stones to buy the ingredients, and little by little built up a stockpile, yet unexpectedly, it was all finished overnight!

Moreover, when she looked Dandan up and down, it looked so small, how could it eat so much food?! The amount of food was ten times the size of it!

Dandan’s mouth flattened, and weeping, it said in a sorrowful child’s voice, “Dandan’s body is growing, of course I will be hungry. Mother, don’t get angry, okay~”

Hexi felt helpless, she was unable to find a way to deal with this terrible eater of food!


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