The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 139 – New Harves
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 139 – New Harves

Chapter 139 – New Harvest

“Xumi Palace, also known as Mantuo Shen Mansion, was created by a Xumi Taoist using a myriad of the world’s spiritual objects. Refined over many years, it has now become a divine artefact. Since the beginning, when the Mi Luo and Xian Luo continents were formed, there were rumours. These rumours said that whoever possessed Xumi Palace obtained heavenly law, and that whoever obtained heavenly law, would rule all lands under heaven. Therefore, the person who inherits this divine artefact must be descended from a divine bloodline. They must harbour virtuous thoughts and beneficence towards common people, otherwise, they will be devoured whole by heavenly law itself.”

“Xumi Palace is divided into nine palaces and eighty one doors, the nine palaces are; Spirit Firmament, Black Firmament, Green Firmament, Blue Firmament, Scarlet Firmament, Jade Firmament, Amethyst Firmament, Highest Firmament, and Divine Firmament. Each palace has nine doors, and each of the nine doors have a set location. But if the nine doors open all together, a formation will be activated and the nine doors will disappear, changing into a palace instead.”

Hexi continued to read, discovering that in addition to storing treasures in Spirit Firmament Palace, the biggest feature here is the time stagnation. Of course, this kind of time stagnation could only be useful for storing foods as it was unable to be used for cultivation, so it’s only function is keeping food fresh.

When Hexi went to look at the information detailing the other palaces’, she found that the text was covered by a layer of white mist, causing it to be unreadable. It seems that the information will only be readable once the palaces are unlocked.

Moreover, looking at the meaning of this guide, it appeared that each palace served a different purpose. Inside each palace there are probably more treasures concealed, so once all of the palaces are open, there would be a large sum of money, enough that it could make one very wealthy.

Unsatisfied by the lack of information, Hexi put the guide down and picked up the remaining jade slips.

In these four jade slips, three contained the same type of content; they were ancient records from the Xumi Taoist, called the All Living Things Record. The All Living Things Record was divided into sections documenting spiritual plants, spiritual beasts, and spiritual tools. Everything that the Xumi Taoist had seen throughout their life was described inside and instead of vague details, each characteristic, as well as the locations of where they could be found, was documented with great care. It included information about all kinds of rare treasures, rare birds, and unusual beasts, there was even a clear image of each thing accompanying the jade slip.

Wasn’t the All Living Things Record like a version of the Compendium of Materia Medica[1]? Hexi had been afraid that because she herself is a newbie in this different world, that she wouldn’t be able to recognise or understand anything and be considered a country bumpkin. Now she doesn’t need to be worried!

By the time Hexi had reached the last jade slip, she was positively overjoyed. Her previously neutral expression transforming into a brilliant smile.

Recorded in the last jade slip is the knowledge on how to refine pills, written by Old Man Xumi himself. Called the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, it lists the prescription for every kind of precious pill.

In her previous life, Hexi was known as an accomplished doctor with excellent medical expertise, so when she arrived in this strange cultivation world, of course she wanted to learn how to refine pills. But unfortunately in Mi Luo continent, becoming a doctor is a scarce profession. The art of pill refining is secretly passed down between family members, or between master and disciple. If you were able to find a book regarding pill refining at the market, describing its basic foundation, it would be priceless.

And yet here this jade slip regarding pill refining was found, listing in detail all kinds of medicine ingredients and prescription combinations. Combinations detailing the choosing and usage, how to pair them, contradictory medicines, and even how to refine fire attribute and temperature control. So once Hexi saw this, she exclaimed in joy.

“Mother, I’m hungry. How about you roast this egg for me to eat?”

Hexi, immersed in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, extricated herself with reluctance as Dandan’s eager voice reached her ears.

Hexi turned her head in surprise, and seeing Dandan holding something round, she couldn’t stop black lines from forming on her forehead. Isn’t that the nameless egg from one of the jade boxes?

“You’re not allowed to eat that! I’ll go out now to find food for you, so behave and take good care of the egg for me. If you dare eat the egg, don’t ever think about eating anything in the future!”

[1]Materia Medica = Latin for Medical Material. Here it refers to a collection of medical books. For more infos.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》