The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 144 – A Life Close To Death
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 144 – A Life Close To Death

Chapter 144 – A Life Close To Death

At this moment, the annoyance is clear on Bai Hu’s face as he looked at Zhu Que, the light in his eyes as cold as ice, “Zhu Que, you’ve crossed the line, I will report your conduct and deeds of today to Master. Wait until Master wakes up, you should think about how you’ll explain this.”

Finished speaking, he no longer payed attention to Zhu Que, instead looking towards Hexi, “Princess, Qing Long requested that I immediately bring you to see Master once you were awake. If you would follow me?”

Hexi frowned, her worry for Nangong Yu her main focus, “How’s Nangong Yu now?”

“Master fell into a coma late last night, and up until now there has been no signs he would awaken. Every doctor in the Manor, including Zhu Que, has examined him. But as of yet we’ve been completely unable to do anything for him, we’re currently helpless.”

Hexi promptly said, “Bring me to him!” Compared to Nangong Yu’s safety, settling accounts with Zhu Que and caring about being called Princess were insignificant worries!

Moreover, when she thought of using Melting Bone poison to kill Zhu Que, she now realised it would be too cheap a death for her. If Zhu Que tried to provoke her again, hehe, she has many amusing games prepared, all waiting to play with her till the end.

Bai Hu quickly walked ahead, leading the way. When he passed by Zhu Que, his cold gaze noticed the resentment on her face, so he just helplessly shook his head.

All of Nangong Yu’s subordinates were aware of Zhu Que’s feelings towards Master, they had even openly or secretly advised her. However, for her own selfish desires, she had disregarded Master’s orders, this Zhu Que…it seems like she wouldn’t be staying long in Hell King Manor.

There was quite a distance to the place where Nangong Yu cultivates, and the whole way there, Hexi kept trying to remember what happened last night. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she has no impressions of what had occurred.

Sneaking a glance at Bai Hu from the side, she saw that his face was taut due to his displeasure. With his icy expression, he no longer resembled the enthusiastic gossiper she had come to know at her courtyard.

Hexi could clearly sense that his discontent and resentment was aimed at her, because…it was because of her that Nangong Yu was unconscious.

“Was it Nangong Yu who saved me yesterday?”

Bai Hu’s footsteps slightly paused, a corner of his mouth rising in a faint curve, “Yes, Princess.”

All of them had personally seen Hexi’s dying appearance yesterday. If Master hadn’t done everything he could to save her, it’s likely that Hexi wouldn’t have been able to survive, let alone have her strength rise to such a degree.

However, because of her, Master is now in a coma, his life close to death. This resulted in Bai Hu unable to do anything but hate Hexi. If she didn’t exist, Master surely would’ve been able to withstand his illness like previously, without it being so life threatening this time.

Princess again? Hexi frowned, “I’m not your Princess.”

Bai Hu snorted, his tone formal and distant, “I apologise, but this is Master’s command, even if we’re unwilling, we can only obey. Since Master said that you are to be called Princess, then you are to be called Princess.”

To hell with it! Nangong Yu said that I’m to be called Princess, so I’m called Princess? Does no one ask her opinion?

Furthermore, why on earth has Nangong Yu commanded his subordinates to call her Princess? Has his brain short-circuited?


But before Hexi could refute Bai Hu, they had already arrived at Nangong Yu’s recuperation room, so she could only quickly focus on the task at hand.

Standing in front of Nangong Yu’s room there was a crowd of people that included Qing Long, as well as three noticeable men.

Next to Qing Long, there is a tall and thin man dressed in black, his eyes bright and sharp, with a temperament somewhat similar to Qing Long. Hexi had already met three of Nangong Yu’s personal bodyguards and knew they were named after the four divine beasts; Qing Long, Bai Hu, and Zhu Que, so then this is probably Xuan Wu.


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