The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 146 – Treatment Plan
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 146 – Treatment Plan

Chapter 146 – Treatment Plan

Hexi pondered for a moment, then slowly said, “Nangong Yu’s illness, how old was he when this began to attack?”

Qing Long promptly replied, “This illness has accompanied Master since he began to successfully cultivate spiritual power, and he became able to draw vital energy into his body. Every seventh day, of the seventh month, it will flare up, attacking the blood throughout his body and causing it to freeze, while his meridians become stiff and frail. This situation lasts for three days, and only then does it slowly improve, so that by the fifth day, Master will be completely restored like usual.”

Hearing what Qing Long said, Hexi’s face slightly revealed her surprise. Turning her head, she looked all around the room, then said, “Every year when Nangong Yu’s illness flares, does he use a strong Yang object to suppress the Cold Poison in his body?”

She pointed at the steam rising and curling out from a high quality fire crystal stone, “Not this thing or Yuan Yang Fruit; these aren’t enough by far to suppress the Cold Poison in his body.”

“How did you know?” Qing Long blurted out, his face full of surprise as an enthusiastic light burst in his eyes, “Yes, every year when it nears the seventh month, Master will enter the Flame Cave for seclusion. Only the Yang from the Flame Cave is able to suppress the cold energy in Master’s body.”

Qing Long was just about to explain why Nangong Yu hadn’t yet entered the Flame Cave, but noticed Hexi nodding, the realisation on her face as she said, “I’ve heard about the Flame Cave. Located in the centre of the cave, there is Heavenly Yang Fire, it is said that it’s able to entirely burn all living things on the world. If it’s the Flame Cave, then it would indeed be possible to suppress Nangong Yu’s Cold Poison.”

Of course, this wasn’t what she had heard, rather, she knew all this from before, when she had read the All Living Things Record.

“But…” Hexi frowned, her expression slowly becoming complex as she looked at Nangong Yu on the bed, “The fire element in the Flame Cave is violent and extreme, even to Nangong Yu’s body. After entering for so long the body will start to suffer from irreversible damage. Therefore, for him to enter the Flame Cave, it is necessary his body is in peak condition, or else he would be unable to bear the intense Yang fire, but in order to save me he…”

This guy, in order to save her…did he go so far because he didn’t treasure his life? However, they’re both just strangers coming together by chance, so why? What did he really want?

The expressions on her face continuously changed between guilt and gratefulness, while there was even one of heartache. When she started feeling doubt, for a moment she even forgot to maintain the water spiritual power, causing her to nearly be unable to stand the impact from the heatwave.

Qing Long’s face revealed his rapture. His eyes no longer glared at Hexi with condemnation and doubt, rather, they were full of hope.

He repeatedly nodded as he said, “What Princess said is true, every year near the seventh month, Master will enter seclusion, adjusting his cultivation base and strength to be the best they can be. Once the seventh day arrives, he withdraws to the Flame Cave. Outsiders think it’s for seclusion, but just as princess said, every time Master leaves the Flame Cave, the injuries to his meridians and dantian increase. Each year we all worry for Master, wondering if he’ll be able to hold on or not.”

Pausing for a while, he then slowed his voice and asked in a whisper, “Princess, do you have a treatment method?”

Hexi didn’t answer, instead, she lightly tapped the bed with her finger as she pondered.

After a long while, she frowned and said, “For now, I’m unable to think of a method to solve the root of the problem, but I have a plan to temporarily alleviate his illness. We just need to make it like he’s cultivating in the Flame Cave to get him through this difficult time.”

“But this plan is only an idea. I’ve never implemented it on other patients, and my treatment plan is completely different of that from your doctor, so I’ll leave it up to you all to decide if you’re willing to follow it or not.”


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