The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 148 – Sacrificing Your Lives
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 148 – Sacrificing Your Lives

Chapter 148 – Sacrificing Your Lives

As he finished speaking, Zhu Que who had just rushed over, let out a sharp protest, “Qing Long, is there something wrong with your head? Yin Congeal Grass is a cold Yin plant! That slut wants to use Yin Congeal Grass and deliberately harm Master’s life, yet you believe her?!”

Zhu Que’s voice became sluggish, then she abruptly shouted loudly, “I can’t cure Master’s illness, but my Teacher can. She’s a third generation Elder of the Doctors Association, any incurable disease will completely recover by her hands. As long as we invite my Teacher to come here, she will certainly be able to cure Master!”

As Zhu Que’s voice faded, Wu Xin raised his hand, and a sudden attack of strong wind knocked her to the ground.

Zhu Que cut a sorry figure as she tumbled about, a trickle of blood flowing from a corner of her mouth. Her complexion was deathly pale as she glared at the people around her, her cold eyes containing fierce anger and hatred.

Wu Xin coldly snorted, his sword-like gaze thrust towards her, “Zhu Que, don’t forget our oath! Anyone who leaks Master’s condition is committing an act of betrayal, suffering heaven’s punishment. Even if the person you leaked it to is your Teacher, it’s still the same!”

Zhu Que’s body trembled under the force of Wu Xin’s power. When she remembered that she was now only so weak because of that slut Nalan Hexi, the resentment in her heart fiercely blazed, burning ever more vigorously.

“You’re all a group of idiots! To actually be played with by an unknown woman and run around in circles, it’s clear that my Teacher’s ability is the one thing that will most likely be able to make Master recover, and yet none of you believe in me or my Teacher, instead believing in that slut.” Zhu Que sneered as she laughed loudly, her face distorting with a sinister smile. Coupled with the scars on her face, it looked terrible and ugly, “In this case, this slut can’t cure Master’s illness, no! Instead this slut wants to make Master take Yin Congeal Grass, so she clearly wants to kill Master…if Master suffers a mishap because of your decision, then you will all be at fault! You will all have to apologise by sacrificing your lives for your offences!!”

Qing Long and the others looked at each other in dismay, their expressions revealing their indecision.

After all, if Hexi harboured malicious intentions, it’s likely her treatment will harm Nangong Yu’s life; but if they didn’t use Hexi’s treatment plan, they were still helpless.

Did they really need to request help from the Doctors Association? That would be introducing a potential source of future trouble, and if Master was awake, he definitely wouldn’t approve of this decision.

In the end, what should they do?

“You said that if I can’t cure Nangong Yu, they must sacrifice their lives; so then if I can cure him?” Suddenly, a clear and distinct woman’s voice sounded from inside the door, causing everyone to immediately look towards the direction the voice came from.

Before their eyes, Hexi, disguised as a youth, unhurriedly walked out from inside the room. Although she is wearing men’s clothes, without anything else to disguise her appearance, all it took was one glance for everyone to be able to see that she is clearly a woman.

Her exquisite, snow white skin glistened under the sunshine, and her hair is moist due to perspiration, causing some of it to stick to her cheeks and border her picturesque features. With her bright eyes and white teeth, it made her resemble a fairy born amongst the dawn mist, so beautiful that it stunned and dazzled everyone.

Everyone’s heart became distracted as they looked at her, secretly thinking; no wonder the always cold hearted and emotionless Master treats Miss Nalan differently compared to anyone else.


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