The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 149 – Make A Be
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 149 – Make A Be

Chapter 149 – Make A Bet

But when Zhu Que saw Hexi looking this way, she could only feel the jealousy in her heart burning. Her glaring eyes resembled a dead fish’s eyes as they protruded out, and as she fiercely focused on Hexi, the scars on her face kept trembling.

Sucking in a deep breath, she spoke in a stern voice, “Nalan Hexi, I haven’t asked what vicious thoughts you have in mind, but since Master’s Cold Poison has flared up and you want to use Yin Congeal Grass on him, you clearly want to harm Master’s life. Don’t think your flowery words that can deceive Qing Long and the others can fool me, I’m a fifth rank doctor acknowledge by the Doctors Association. With just your three legged cats ability, you dare to say that you’re more powerful than me!”

Hexi sneered, her gaze as she looked at Zhu Que full of contempt and disdain, “Such big talk Zhu Que. You should wait until you’ve healed the scars on your face before you say that to me again.”

The expression on Zhu Que’s face abruptly stiffened, and she subconsciously covered her face with a hand.

From the moment she saw Master carrying this slut back, she had forgotten everything else, her mind muddled by her burning jealousy. For a while she didn’t have the time to care about the veil on her face falling off, but now, thinking of other people seeing her ugly appearance, fear started to appear in her eyes.

For a woman like Zhu Que who wished to appear beautiful to everyone, her appearance meant everything to her. She especially feared appearing so ugly like this in front of Master.

Zhu Que’s features twisted, the expression in her eyes full of hostility as she looked at Hexi, “Slut, you…”

“You haven’t yet realised that the scar on your face is growing bigger and turning blacker?” Hexi indifferently interrupted her, “To tell you the truth, one day that scar will spread to cover your whole face, emitting an unpleasant smell, ahh…it must feel wonderful, but aren’t you a fifth rank doctor? I believe that you will certainly be able to cure it.”

Zhu Que’s eyes suddenly widened with her alarm, incredulousness filling her face. No! She totally didn’t believe Hexi’s words, there is no such poison in this world, but…but the way this slut said it, as if she was making a solemn vow, what if by chance it was true?

Hexi ignored Zhu Que’s panic, instead restraining her expression as she said, “Let’s return back to the point, about how I can use Yin Congeal Grass and the other medicines I mentioned, making Nangong Yu awaken and helping him get through his illness this time.”

“Impossible!” Zhu Que blurted out, “Yin Congeal Grass is extremely cold, it will only increase Master’s symptoms. How could cure you Master’s illness?”

“Oh, then since you don’t believe me, how about we make a bet?”

Hexi gently played with the jade ornament hanging at her waist, smirking as she said, “If I can’t awaken Nangong Yu, I’ll accept your punishment.”

Zhu Que promptly raised her voice and roared, “If you can’t cure Master, I shall cut your face and use poison to corrode the skin all over your body!!”

A sword-like coldness flashed in Hexi’s eyes, and she slowly said, “I have no hesitations to agreeing, but…what if I cure Nangong Yu?”

Zhu Que blanked for a moment, then sneered as she coldly laughed, “Using these medicines you’ve listed you will absolutely be unable to awaken Master, you’re just raving like a lunatic. If you’re truly able to cure Master, I will discard my cultivation base and henceforth no longer be a doctor. Will this do?”

Hexi faintly smiled, and no longer paying attention to Zhu Que, she turned around and looked at Qing Long, “Immediately prepare the medicines I’ve asked for.”


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