The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 150 – Dried Up Spiritual Plants
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 150 – Dried Up Spiritual Plants

Chapter 150 – Dried Up Spiritual Plants

Qing Long looked hesitant, before he frowned and said, “Princess, there is something this subordinate forgot to tell you, but about preparing those herbs, there may be some difficulties.”

“Ah?” Hexi raised her eyebrows, revealing her surprise. Those medicines were just common spiritual plants, only the Yin Congeal Grass is a fourth grade herb. Although it’s considered precious, based on the Hell King Manor’s wealth and influence, how could they not get it?

Qing Long glanced at her with a complex expression in his eyes, “Yesterday and last night, it appears that all the spiritual plants in the city were sucked dry, causing them to wither and die. Even the spiritual plants stored in jade boxes were not spared, especially all those stalks of Yin Congeal Grass. Although it’s only a fourth grade spiritual plant, it belong to a rare species, so we really don’t know where to find it.”

Hexi startled, suddenly recalling that along the way when she came here, all the places she passed were indeed without any green, so actually…all the spiritual plants are dead.

Seeing Hexi frown, Zhu Que at once laughed loudly, “So as it turns out, you knew that all the spiritual plants had withered, and were only trying play me with this bet. You knew your method was unachievable, so you deliberately made a show of being earnest, as if you were actually taking things seriously. Slut, can you not be so shameless? Don’t think that just because all the spiritual plants have withered that you don’t have to fulfil our bet, I will still destroy your face!”

Qing Long and the others frowned as they listened, feeling that Zhu Que has already gone insane. In order to settle her grudge with Hexi, she was even ignoring Master’s safety.

Bai Hu suddenly spoke, “Zhu Que, doesn’t your Teacher have a portable medicine garden? That’s a heaven and earth treasure, so the herbs inside were surely spared of having their spiritual energy sucked away. You should quickly ask her for several kinds of herbs, perhaps it’s not too late!”

“For what reason?!” Zhu Que screamed, and then continued hysterically, “Why should I help this slut? If we want to cure Master, we only need to invite my Teacher to come! Even if I’m dead I will still refuse to help this slut!”

After hearing Zhu Que’s rant, Qing Long, Wu Xin, and the other’s glared at her with barely contained fury.

Regardless of the bet’s result between her and Nalan Hexi, this type of Zhu Que absolutely mustn’t stay in Hell King Manor. Once Master awakens, we’ll see how he punishes her.

Hexi however looked calmly at Qing Long, saying, “Take me to see the Manor’s medicine garden.”

Qing Long startled, astonishment on his face, “Princess, the spiritual plants in the medicine garden have all died, not even a single stalk remains.”

Hexi shallowly laughed, then slowly said, “What I want to see are the dead spiritual plants.”

In this world, dead spiritual plants didn’t have any value. This is why they used jade boxes to pack spiritual plants for business transactions, because once a spiritual plant withers, it’s spiritual energy disappears. If you tried to refine pills with them, they wouldn’t be able to mix with the other ingredients or withstand the heat needed to temper the pills, so they naturally didn’t have any effect.

But Hexi is different, she wanted those spiritual plants to use like traditional Chinese medicines. For the so called traditional Chinese medicine, in order for long term preservation, it can be preserved through the processing of drying. If it’s withered, it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the medicines at all.

Zhu Que eagerly wished to see Hexi’s humiliation once she failed. Hehe, she had better be aware!


The medicine garden in Hell King Manor is very large. Moreover, because there was a spiritual formation placed around it, the spiritual energy had been extremely rich.

But at this moment, the field is barren; all the plants had withered and become ashes. The crystal stones strategically placed for the spiritual formation had also lost their spiritual energy, turning into dust.

Hexi sighed, “How could this be?”

As she met Qing Long’s conflicted gaze, he said, “Princess, do you really not remember what happened last night?”


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