The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 151 – I Will Not Be Refining
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 151 – I Will Not Be Refining

Chapter 151 – I Will Not Be Refining

Hexi stared blankly, unresponsive to Qing Long’s words, but still heard him when he spoke once more, “Last night after Master helped heal Princess, Princess’ body abruptly formed a huge vortex. It practically absorbed all the spiritual energy in Yan Jing city. These spiritual plants died last night because of the vortex.”

Hexi opened her eyes wide and examined the field of dead spiritual plants. Looking back at Qing Long again, her heart was at first astonished, but then she suddenly understood.

Dandan, that’s right! All of this must have been done by Dandan! That big food eater must have absorbed all of the plants spiritual energy.

Old Man Xumi had previously said, that for Dandan to be able to hatch, it needed an extremely large amount of spiritual energy. At the time, she had worried about how to feed this spoiled spirit pet till it was satisfied, and was concerned that it wouldn’t be full until she was poor. She had guessed that Dandan would need a lot of spiritual energy to hatch, but she never would’ve expected that it would need this much spiritual energy.

However this is a city full of spiritual energy, and this slow egg absorbed it all yet still dared to say it’s hungry to her! It was simply trying to defraud it’s Mother!

Hexi ruminated for a while, then decided to no longer care about this problem. After all, all the spiritual energy throughout the city had already been absorbed. It wasn’t as if that little guy would still able to squeeze back into the egg, or spit out the spiritual energy anyway.

Moreover, Dandan is her spirit pet, for it to be able to hatch, she is already very happy. As for the rest, who cares!

Hexi squatted down, and plucking a spiritual herb’s withered stalk, she brought it to the tip of her nose and sniffed it. After tearing off a little of it, she placed it into her mouth to chew and taste it.

Not bad! Although there is completely no spiritual energy, the herb had only lost half of it’s medicinal effect. Compared to using it for special techniques, using it to concoct traditional Chinese medicines would be perfect.

Hexi stood up and pointed at the withered spiritual plants while speaking, “Collect the several spiritual plants that I listed before.”

Qing Long became puzzled, “Princess, do you intend to use these for refining? Once these common herbs without spiritual energy touch a fire used for refining, they will disintegrate into ashes, then disperse in a puff of smoke.”

Hexi spread out her hands, “As I said, I’m not an ordinary doctor, so I will not be using them for refining.”

Not using them for refining? So how is she going to treat Master’s illness? At this moment, Qing Long couldn’t help but look at her with suspicion.

This Miss Nalan wouldn’t really act like Zhu Que had said right? Just coming by to show off and swindle them.

But recalling the miracles performed on Ouyang Haoxuan’s body, he pushed down the doubt in his heart, and began collecting the dead spiritual plants one by one.

After returning to the bedroom where Nangong Yu was residing, Hexi once again passed down a series of instructions. She wanted them to prepare a pot, stove and fire, and even told Qing Long to find a huge wooden tub.

As Zhu Que watched from the side, a sneer was plastered across her face as she laughed loudly, “I’ve studied medicine for over ten years and have followed my Teacher to see countless patients, but I’ve never seen a medical treatment such as this. Nalan Hexi, you are clearly trying to exhaust your limited abilities since you know you will lose, right?”

Hexi was doing her job, focusing on crushing the medicine ingredients in accordance with strict measurements.

When she heard what was said, she raised her head to glance at Zhu Que, disdainfully laughing, “No culture is terrible, instead, the most terrible thing is when someone has no culture, yet still insists on running around, making an exhibition of themselves. At the time your father and mother gave birth to you, did they not tell you that your eyes grow on the top of your head, since you’re a toad?”

“Pfftt—!” Bai Hu, who was standing nearby, overhead and couldn’t bear it anymore, laughing loudly. As he looked at Zhu Que’s twisted and insane appearance, he actually felt like gloating. He had absolutely no sympathy for her.

Zhu Que screamed, wanting to rush forwards and destroy Hexi’s face. That woman dared to say that she, Zhu Que, is a toad, a toad who wants to eat swan flesh. How dare that slut mock her?!

However, she had barely reached Hexi, when she suddenly sensed a huge wave of spiritual power head towards her. She felt a sharp burst of pain in her abdomen, and then her body abruptly resembled a kite with it’s string snapped as it flew away, before she then landed severely on the ground.


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