The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 153 – Would You Like To Touch Something Else?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 153 – Would You Like To Touch Something Else?

Chapter 153 – Would You Like To Touch Something Else?

Wu Xin raised his brows, doubt written on his face, “So are you saying that the rumours can’t be trusted?”

Qing Long promptly responded, “I personally witnessed her treatment of Ouyang Haoxuan, her method was quite strange. You know that Ouyang Haoxuan had been crippled for more than a year with his meridians fractured, and seeing him in person, it was just like he was a person preparing to enter the gates of hell. Yet unexpectedly, because of her strange method, she was able to save him. Let alone walking like normal, even his cultivation base has been restored to normal. This matter has created a stir throughout Yan Jing city, and up until now, there are still many groups of people searching for her. If Master hadn’t helped to obstruct them, perhaps the Genius Doctor Xi Yue would have been fought over by all the powerful parties long ago.”

Several people heard what Qing Long said, their faces’ showing hope and admiration. Such an amazing woman, maybe she really can cure Master’s illness?


And so Hexi, the one that they were talking about, was currently in the room, her treatment reaching a critical moment.

The speed of her hands was very fast. With only a vague shadow visible, the Silver Needles in her fingertips flickered as she concentrated on continuously roaming Nangong Yu’s body.

In order to have precise control over the effect of each acupuncture point, every needle that was inserted and removed used her spiritual power.

As she carefully placed the set of needles in his body, Hexi’s own body was already drenched in sweat, a faint pink flush appearing on her face.

She sighed and wiped the sweat on her forehead, moving to sit down by the bedside.

At this time the medicinal water in the tub had stopped boiling. It was now calmly rippling around Nangong Yu’s body, and his body that was originally freezing, similar to an ice cube, had now gradually risen in temperature.

As Hexi’s gaze slowly travelled down from Nangong Yu’s slightly flushed face, stopping on his chest, her face suddenly reddened.

It was until this moment that she finally realised she had been examining Nangong Yu’s naked body for a while now. Not only that, she had also practically touched every inch of skin on his upper body.

Nangong Yu was currently unconscious, he simply sat leaning against the edge of the tub quietly.

Seeing Nangong Yu like this, she slowly began to be lost in thought. Indeed, he really is an evildoer that could make a person’s heart pound.

His long hair was draped like a waterfall over his shoulders, like smooth black silk, while his pale skin was becoming a faint honey colour due to the warmth. When he was wearing clothes he seemed to have a slender figure, yet now that he was naked she could see that he is covered with delicately defined muscles, especially that six pack. If they were in the time of her past life, without a doubt, he could make all the women salivate.

Of course, Nangong Yu’s most outstanding attribute is his face. His facial features were as exquisite as a god’s. With an undoubtedly elegant appearance, he give people the impression of a ruler overlooking his lands under heaven. Such a powerful and majestic presence easily made a person become subconsciously intoxicated and subdued.

With his outstanding appearance, if she was in her past life, she can’t say for sure whether she would be able to pay enough to provide for him.

Well…although she hadn’t had any lovers in her previous life, if she had encountered such an extraordinary man, she certainly wouldn’t have let him off. With the power and financial resources available to her in her past life, it wouldn’t have been a problem for her provide for eight to ten men.

As she looked at those honey coloured arms, his muscles tight with tension, Hexi couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and gently caress them.

Tsk tsk, the feeling is pretty good, hard and yet smooth! She slowly became preoccupied with wondering about how it would feel to touch his six pack, as when she was treating him she had solely focused on treatment, and now she realised she had forgotten to feel them.

All of a sudden, a low and husky voice reached her ears, “Definitely satisfied.”

Hexi, without thinking about it, blurted out, “Indeed, really good.”

Low hypnotic laughter echoed in ears, like a feather teasing her heart, “Xi Er, it’s good if you like them. Do you want to try touching something else?”

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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》