The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 156 – Not Going To Bother
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 156 – Not Going To Bother

Chapter 156 – Not Going To Bother

When Hexi recalled all the things he had done for her, like repeatedly saving her from traps, she couldn’t help but feel guilty, her cheeks reddening. Her urge to push him away faltered and her small hands stayed on his bare chest, not allowing him to come closer, but stopping him from approaching.

Nangong Yu was pleased when he noticed her blushing cheeks, and lowering his head, he used a low, gentle voice to whisper in her ear, “Xi Er, you had best admit it. From now on, you are one of my people; the Princess of Hell King Manor, I, Nangong Yu’s wife. Besides me, you aren’t allowed to think of other men, furthermore, you aren’t allowed to leave me.”

“You’re crazy!” Hexi replied, retreating back a step in a fluster. Recalling that the people in this manor had been calling her Princess, her face once again reddened, but this time with annoyance, “Because you said I’m your Princess, I’m your Princess? When did I agree to that?”

When you proposed marriage in the modern era, you must kneel to present the ring. Yet unexpectedly this guy had acted on his own initiative, saying that she is his wife! For what reason? When had she promised to marry him?!

But in the end, she was still worried about his condition, secretly mumbling a few words to herself, “I’m not going to bother with this crazy man.” Then, stepping forward, she grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand and began to take his pulse.

This time Nangong Yu didn’t struggle and refuse her, his gaze on Hexi gentle and tender, able to make one’s blood run cold.

Hexi removed her hand, unhappily staring back at him.

A smile flashed in Nangong Yu’s eyes, and raising an eyebrow, he said, “Doesn’t Xi Er remember that you still owe this King a large favour? People say, that to repay the kindness of saving someone’s life, you should return it by devoting your life to them. Xi Er, guess how many times you owe this King your life’s devotion.”

The expression on Hexi’s face slowly changed, and following that, she coldly snorted. Removing a bottle of spirit spring water from her space, she passed it to Nangong Yu, sneering, “It’s still unknown who promised who! However, now I’m the one saving your life.”

A corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth pursed with a slight curve, and he softly said, “How about as long as Xi Er is happy, this King promises to give in to you?”

Hexi stared at him in shock, thinking, ‘As Your Highness Hell King, the asura of legends, you’re supposed to be grand! Yet why do you have no sense of shame!?’

Nangong Yu was all smiles as he took the spirit spring water, then drained the bottle in one gulp. Once the bottle was empty, astonishment appeared on his face, “This is…Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water?”

The look on Hexi’s face changed, and caution emerged in her eyes as she asked in a low voice, “How do you know?”

She had withdrawn this spirit spring water from her space, and she hadn’t seen anything about it in any of the ancient books in this world, so how did Nangong Yu know? Then what about her Xumi space and Dandan’s existence? Will they be exposed?

Nangong Yu’s eyes were full of shock as he gazed towards Hexi, “This is indeed spirit spring water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. This kind of spirit spring water is rare in Mi Luo continent. In legends, apart from being capable of helping to develop muscles, it’s able to aid in the refining of pills, and help craft outstanding weapons. It’s a treasure that all high ranking doctors yearn to possess.”

Hexi frowned as she pondered, “Since there is no Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring in Mi Luo continent, how are you so sure?”

Nangong Yu laughed, and without answering her, he instead continued with, “In legends, it is said that there is a total of nine types of spiritual springs left in this world since the wars in ancient times. Named according to their level, the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring is the highest; even the grand clans of the upper realm are only able to take the smallest amounts. And yet Xi Er, you gave it to me to drink like it was just ordinary spring water. If other people were to know about it, do you know what that would mean?”

At this moment, Hexi had already calmed down, and hearing what was said, she slightly sneered. But instead of responding to him, she grabbed a handful of Silver Needles, beginning to rapidly insert the needles into his acupuncture points.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》