The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 158 – Glad You Trust Me So Much
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 158 – Glad You Trust Me So Much

Chapter 158 – Glad You Trust Me So Much

Nangong Yu laughed in a low voice, lovingly caressing her small cheek, “Hmm, indeed domineering, definitely a fancy woman worthy of me, Nangong Yu. Whatever Xi Er wants to do, know that as your husband, I will support you!”

What husband? Who wants you as a husband?

Hexi glanced blankly at him, causing Nangong Yu to laugh before asking her, “Xi Er, what rank is your cultivation base at now?”

Even though he had seen Hexi’s cultivation base rapidly increase yesterday, after that strange phenomenon ended, the spiritual energy in Hexi’s body had disappeared without a trace.

Normally, you can tell what rank a martial artist on the Mi Luo continent is by the amount of spiritual power that they leak. It was only when they used a special method to conceal it that it was impossible to tell. Otherwise, a high level martial artist would be able to easily see through to a low level martial artists’ cultivation base. But even with his current cultivation base, Nangong Yu was completely unable to see Hexi’s rank.

Hearing what he asked startled Hexi, and following Nangong Yu’s directions, she focused her spiritual power before her eyes, looking towards Nangong Yu. Suddenly, a clear thought flashed through her mind – middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage.

She suddenly remembered that when she had seen Zhu Que, Bai Hu, and the others, although she hadn’t focused her spiritual power before eyes, she had still received a vague impression that informed her the rank of these people’s cultivation bases.

How could that be? Even with a spiritual item, isn’t it still impossible for a low level martial artist to see the rank of a high level martial artist??

Hexi’s heart was puzzled, when suddenly, Dandan’s childlike and lively voice sounded in her ears, “Hee hee, this is all due to Dandan’s contribution! How is it Mother, I’m awesome right?”

Hexi was shocked for a moment before she responded, “…Dandan, you’re not allowed to read my thoughts as you please! You’re invading my privacy!”

Dandan only laughed mischievously, and with it’s childlike voice it explained, “Mother, you can rest assured. I know that it would be rude to be doing something indecent like listening when Mother and that Big Brother were playing kissing. Don’t worry, Dandan did not see anything!”

Dandan, you’re too much! And why he is Big Brother, while I am Mother! Do I look that old?

In her mind, she felt like she had just been run over by countless horses. She realised that she needed to find the time to have a proper talk with Dandan. Since it was a baby, this child’s education is a must!

Nangong Yu was still waiting for her response, and seeing her expression constantly changing, he couldn’t help but ask her, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with your body?”

“No,” Hexi shook her head, then hesitated as she said, “If I’m feeling it right, I should be on the eighth rank of the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Nangong Yu’s eyebrows raised slightly. Although he had expected it, when he heard this result, he still felt surprised.

Hexi pursed her lips, and after once again hesitating for a moment, she said, “Also, I seem to be able to clearly see your rank – middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage.”

Hearing this first startled Nangong Yu, before his eyes then immediately filled with joy. Reaching out his hand, he gently tugged Hexi into his embrace, softly laughing as he said, “Xi Er, I’m so happy.” I’m extremely happy that you trust me so much.

Hexi saw Nangong Yu’s brilliant, flower-like smile, and felt that it made his handsome face become more dazzling and stunning. She couldn’t help but secretly scold “evildoer” in her heart, while saying mockingly, “What are you getting all crazy about?”

Nangong Yu loosened his arms, sternly saying, “Xi Er, I’m very happy that you told me, but it should only be limited to me, do you understand? I don’t know why you have this ability, but it’s very likely that this ability of yours will attract the attention of other martial artists.”

Hexi scoffed, as she thought it was only to be expected as it was common sense, and said, “Of course I’m aware of this point. Who wouldn’t understand that it would be easy for an ordinary and innocent person to get into trouble on account of greed? Do you take me for an idiot?”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》