The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 163 – Secret Territory?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 163 – Secret Territory?

Chapter 163 – Secret Territory?

“I haven’t yet thought of another way.” Hexi pondered for a moment, then suddenly took out a blank Jade Slip. After pouring her divine sense into it for a quarter of an hour, she then threw it to Qing Long, “Here’s a detailed description of the Jade Fire Toad’s characteristics, growth habit, and appearance. In the future when all of you go out, pay a lot of attention when looking for it. If you can find a Jade Fire Toad, I guarantee that Nangong Yu will no longer need to enter the Flame Cave.”

At first Qing Long and the old doctor had thought that Hexi was only speaking nonsense, but when they saw the detailed descriptions vividly imprinted on the Jade Slip, they couldn’t help but somewhat believe her.

If it was only nonsense, it wouldn’t be possible to compile such detailed information in such a short amount of time.

Thinking that finding the Jade Fire Toad could cure Master’s illness, Qing Long became excited, “I’ll immediately convey this information to everyone we know! I will use Hell King Manor’s influence and try to find the Jade Fire Toad with all my strength. Master’s illness, we entrust it to Princess.”

Hexi waved her hand, before turning around and leaving Hell King Manor.

The moment she passed through Hell King Manor’s gate, she suddenly stopped with an annoyed expression on her face. Why was she becoming more and more accustomed to the title of Princess? She was now starting to feel that it was proper and to be expected! This is simply not scientific!


Hexi refused Qing Long’s offer to arrange guards to accompany her home, hurriedly walking in the direction of her courtyard since Flying Swords weren’t allowed to be used in Yan Jing city. Before leaving her courtyard, although she alone had led those assassins away, she couldn’t be sure whether or not the Drought Demon Organisation had sent other people to follow Wet Nurse Chen and the others. Therefore, Hexi was now very worried about the safety of Wet Nurse Chen, Xiao Li, and the rest.

At this moment, Yan Jing city was full of clamouring. Wherever she passed, she now and then heard the lamenting of families; spiritual plants were withered, the crystal stones that weren’t placed in storage tools had turn into dust, and even high level magical items were damaged…

Cold sweat dripped down Hexi’s forehead. She really hadn’t expected that what she and Dandan did last night would lead to such a big commotion now. Let alone those spiritual plants, even all the flowers and grass that she passed along the way seemed to have lost their vitality. Their leaves drooped, all dull and listless.

Now what she had done was the talk of the town!

But, when Hexi passed the city’s most prosperous East Street, she found that the atmosphere here and its surroundings were somewhat different. The street was filled with anger, irritability, and disappointment.

Some time overnight, every hotel and restaurant had had a sudden influx of unfamiliar martial artists. The average cultivation base was Foundation Establishment stage, but there were also quite a lot of Meridians stage too. Even Hexi, as she weaved through the crowd on the second story of the Intoxicated Immortal restaurant, could detect several strong Gold Core stage martial artists.

These martial artists’ faces showed both nervousness and excitement. Occasionally they would glance to the west, their eyes filled with determination, greed, and desire.

Hexi frowned slightly, her pace somewhat slowing. Why had those martial artists gathered here?

Concentrating her spiritual energy to her ears, she could faintly hear the dialogue of a few people downstairs.

“In my opinion, that was not the arrival of the demon day and night, that was clearly the secret territory coming into being…”

“Our sect has already ascertained…that it’s in Cang Mountain…so this time we must be faster than the other families…”

“Once we get the secret territory’s magical item, our sect will certainly be able to become Jin Ling’s number one sect…”

“What is the use of this Jin Ling country’s group of trash? Even a few Nascent Soul stage martial artists can’t be found here, the hidden treasure is ours…the country is beyond…”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》