The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 164 – At The Base Of Cang Mountain
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 164 – At The Base Of Cang Mountain

Chapter 164 – At The Base Of Cang Mountain

Cang Mountain? Hidden treasure? Wasn’t my courtyard exactly at the base of Cang Mountain? If all the high level martial artists proceeded towards Cang Mountain, then the safety of Wet Nurse Chen and the others…Hexi’s complexion changed slightly, and not in the mood to eavesdropping anymore, her pace suddenly accelerated as she headed downstairs, rushing as fast as lightning towards her courtyard.

In the blink of an eye Hexi reached the base of Cang Mountain, discovering that as expected, martial artists swarmed the surrounding area, forming a large crowd.

But fortunately, many people probably felt afraid of this secret territory with a hidden treasure, so at this point, most were still busy preparing manpower.

What alarmed Hexi the most though, was that she momentarily couldn’t find her own courtyard.

It hadn’t been razed to the ground, leaving only ruins for everyone to see, rather, there was now an ordinary meadow where the courtyard had originally been standing. It was impossible to tell that there had previously been a building there.

Just when Hexi was starting to be overcome with worry and bewilderment, her ears suddenly heard Xi Jia’s pleasantly surprised voice, “Miss, you’ve finally come back!”

Hexi turned her head, noticing a sweat covered Xi Jia approaching with a relieved expression. Once a proud looking man, he now cut a sorry figure. His body was covered with dust, sweat dripped from his forehead, and his eyes were somewhat red. He was almost crying tears of joy when he saw her.

Hexi quickly stepped forward and asked, “What happened? What about the courtyard? Are Wet Nurse Chen and the others still safe?”

Xi Jia nodded repeatedly, and pointing at the original position of the courtyard, he said, “Miss don’t worry, the courtyard is still there. Xiao Li used her Smokescreen Technique to conceal the place. Only a martial artist of Foundation Establishment stage and higher will be able to find it, as long as they gather their spiritual energy to their eyes. When so many martial artists suddenly came here, we were really afraid we were going to be found, but fortunately Miss, you came back!”

In the beginning, Xi Jia and the others had regarded Hexi as a man. After all, female cultivators were rare in Mi Luo continent, preferring instead to get married. Therefore, they didn’t doubt Hexi’s gender at first. But later, after staying in the courtyard for awhile, seeing and experiencing Hexi’s methods and abilities, they immediately discovered that she is a woman. Yet to them, it was irrelevant.

Being able to follow such a Master is the greatest luck of their lifetime, so as for whether their Master is a man or a woman, they really didn’t care. All of them firmly believed that one day, Master’s radiance will shine in front of all the martial artists in Mi Luo continent.

After listening to Xi Jia’s words, Hexi used her spiritual eyes, and sure enough, she discovered that her courtyard stood perfectly fine in its original place. It was only then that she heaved a sigh of relief.

This was beyond her expectations, Xiao Li actually had this kind of ability? She was able to use her Smokescreen Technique to deceive martial artists below Foundation Establishment stage?

Hexi hurriedly rushed to the courtyard, where Wet Nurse Chen and the others were anxiously waiting for news from her.

Once Wet Nurse Chen saw Hexi, she was almost crying as she rushed over to her. Examining Hexi up and down, she then wiped her tears, “Miss, how could you do this, risk your valuable self to…if you were to die, in the future when I go to the underworld, how could I explain this to Madam?!”

“Alright, Wet Nurse, don’t cry. In the future, I won’t do this again.” Hexi helplessly repeated this to appease Wet Nurse Chen, while inside, she felt a burst of warmth that she hadn’t felt for a very long time.

In this shabby courtyard there were people that worried about her, cared about her, trusted her, and they treated her genuinely. For her rely on their trust, this is a feeling that she had never experienced before.

Obviously she has a bunch of cumbersome people shadowing her, but she wasn’t sick of them in the slightest, instead, she was full of hope for this life.


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