The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 166 – The Ancient Beas
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 166 – The Ancient Beas

Chapter 166 – The Ancient Beast

Each tail of a Nine Tailed Spirit Fox is more valuable than any treasure. After it has achieved six tails, it will be a treasure all martial artists yearn for. Although the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox is an animal, it possesses the ability to perfectly transform its appearance. They caused a great threat to humans, so they were gradually all exterminated…they are currently extinct in Mi Luo continent.

Dandan said it smelled the scent of a Nine Tailed Spirit Fox, and other than herself, there was only Xiao Li in this room. So does that means she…is the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox?!!

Hexi was astonished, yet she kept hearing Dandan making noise about wanting to eat Nine Tailed Spirit Fox meat, so she unhappily said, “This is your Sister, Xiao Li. If you once again say that you want to eat Nine Tailed Spirit Fox meat, don’t ever think I’ll make food for you to eat in the future!”

Dandan’s voice choked off, and he didn’t dare make a noise again. He felt aggrieved as he said, “Mother, don’t be angry! Dandan won’t eat Nine Tailed Spirit Fox meat! Mother, quickly go and prepare food for Dandan~~”

Hexi’s gaze once again landed on the trembling Xiao Li as she gently asked, “Xiao Li, you’re a Nine Tailed Spirit Fox?”

As Hexi finished speaking, Xiao Li lifted the quilt to look at her in surprise, “Miss, you…you knew!!”

Just as Hexi glanced at Xiao Li, she spotted a long furry tail behind her, the colour of its fur a pure silvery white. Under the light it appeared mysterious, noble, and beautiful.

Xiao Li’s expression suddenly stiffened, her eyes revealing her despair and fear, “Since you know, Miss, please kill me and take my tail…rather than being killed by other people’s hands and suffering torment, I would rather die in Miss’s hands! Take it as a repayment for saving my Brother’s life!”

“What would I do with your tail?” Hexi glanced at Xiao Li in boredom, “Make a fur coat?”

Xiao Li’s eyes widened. The distress on her face transforming into a blank look, “Miss, you…you didn’t know? A Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s tail is a precious treasure, if you take it and sell it…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Hexi sneered, “You’re my servant, I own you. If you were sold, then wouldn’t I suffer a big loss? You think I’ll go through with such a detrimental business transaction?”

Hexi’s mouth was speaking in a disgusted manner, but in her heart, she couldn’t help but celebrate. What kind of good luck is this? She just randomly helped heal someone on the streets, yet unexpectedly, she ended up bringing back an ancient beast. Haa…though, she didn’t know what beast her brother is, could it be that he is a male fox?

Having heard what was said, Xiao Li became dumbfounded. Staring at Hexi in a daze, she saw that her expression was indifferent and serene. Neither greed, desire, or loathing was evident…Miss, she really didn’t regard her as different. In Miss’s eyes she is still the same Xiao Li, still her little servant girl.

Her heart finally relaxed from the despair and fear that had plagued her for a day and night. Xiao Li pouncing into Hexi’s arms as she wept and wailed.

She had been really scared. Before she came to this mortal world, her brother had repeatedly warned her thousand of times, telling her that by all means she mustn’t let humans discover her true form, or else she would be taken advantage of and skinned.

She even once heard the birds personally talk about a member of her fox clan being boiled alive by humans. And afterwards, once he had died, they peeled his skin and tail off intact.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》