The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 168 – Courtyard Protection
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 168 – Courtyard Protection

Chapter 168 – Courtyard Protection

This kind of spiritual spring water, although its level of Replenishing Spirit Power can’t compare with the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water, compared to the Accumulated Spirit Pill, ordinary spiritual spring water is much stronger. But this way the smell of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water was completely covered, so she didn’t need to worry about the existence of her space and the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring’s water being discovered.

Xiao Li took the spiritual spring water and drank a few mouthfuls of it. In a short time she felt clearer, her entire body that had been lacking spiritual power suddenly started to rapidly recover. Once she finished drinking all of the water in the bottle, the tail on her back slowly shrunk, then disappeared without a trace. Her pale and sallow face also becoming brighter.

Xiao Li held the bottle, wishing there was still more. Licking a corner of her mouth, she quietly said, “Miss, what is this water? It’s so good!”

Hexi easily threw her another big bottle, and lightly said, “If it’s tasty then drink it slowly. Once you’ve finished drinking it, come out and accompany me to inspect this courtyard’s protection.”

After a series of things happening these last two days, Hexi was now deeply aware that the safety of this courtyard is too low. She must find the time to reform it, especially because of the strange changes in Cang Mountain recently. On top of that, a large group of martial artists had come to Cang Mountain, and Xiao Li’s Smokescreen Technique wasn’t a guarantee that they wouldn’t be found.

Although with her current financial situation, she was now able to purchase a better house in Yan Jing city for everyone to live in. But firstly, this side of Cang Mountain was peaceful and Hexi liked that there was no sign of human habitation. Secondly, since she first arrived here she had felt that Cang Mountain is a piece of treasured land. Whether it is training Xi Jia and the others, or the future fortification, Cang Mountain is her best choice…as for the thin spiritual energy, she has her space and spirit spring. Xi Jia and the others weren’t walking a traditional martial artists’ path, so in regards to the amount of spiritual energy, she really didn’t care.

Hexi took out the All Living Things Record that Old Man Xumi had left for her, and flipped through its pages till she reached the spell formation chapter, reading it carefully. Because the All Living Things Record is mainly an introduction, there were no detailed instructions on high level spell formations inside. Nevertheless, Old Man Xumi had still written down the methods and theories for some simple and ordinary spell formations.

From it, Hexi found one type that was fairly practical, and combining it with Xiao Li’s Smokescreen Technique, it would be able to form some protection over the courtyard.

In this way, if a martial artist used spiritual eyes, they still wouldn’t be able to find a trace of the courtyard. Even if they walked around it, they would automatically detour past. If a Gold Core stage or higher martial artist intentionally investigated, they might vaguely detect that something was wrong.

Although this protection couldn’t be regarded as absolutely foolproof, the need for some sort of protection was urgent. On top of that, Hexi also had many things she must to do, so for the time being, she couldn’t find a better spell formation.

Moreover, the most urgent thing now is for her to gather all the withered spiritual plants in the city. After all, those withered spiritual plants were just waste material for other people, but for her, they were a hard to describe treasure.

Hexi dispatched Xi Jia and the others to go out, telling them to use any method they could to collect all the spiritual plants from every courtyard in Yan Jing city and along the way. Especially those from influential families. Almost every family has their own medicinal field, so they probably have large amounts of precious spiritual plants! Even though the spiritual energy in them had completely vanished and they couldn’t grow anymore, the basic medicinal efficacy still existed. If she could get these plants, she would be able to completely improve the physical condition of Wet Nurse Chen, Xi Jia, and the others’ bodies. Ohh…of course the most important part is that she wouldn’t have to spend a cent.

Xi Jia and the others left in the morning, returning in the afternoon. Every one of them carried a huge sack on their backs, only, their complexions weren’t good at all.


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