The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 171 – Mystical Dandan
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 171 – Mystical Dandan

Chapter 171 – Mystical Dandan

Hexi couldn’t believe her eyes, so she tried another three plants. She even tried watering the withered spiritual plants with a little water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, but they still remained withered, completely devoid of any intention of giving her face by living again.

Hexi helplessly gave up on rejuvenating the plants. She was already certain that Dandan is a mystical being, while she is just a normal human. It was better to not challenge supernatural events.

Dandan sensed Hexi’s disappointment, and with a deadpan expression, it patted her shoulder. Trying to comfort her, it gave her a look that clearly read ‘Mother, don’t be sad’, causing Hexi to not know whether she should laugh or cry.

Touching Dandan’s small antennae, she cunningly said, “Poor Dandan, I can’t do anything to help you. I have no choice but to leave it to you to plant the rest of these spiritual plants.”

Dandan looked at the large pile of withered herbs beside it. Its smiling face immediately transformed into one of tears, and with its small antennae hanging down, its grievances were plastered all over its face.

Hexi couldn’t help but laugh, “Now now, don’t feel wronged. I was about to prepare food for you and you can eat until full, will this do?”

When Dandan heard this, its tears finally turned into laughter. With renewed vigour, it returned to planting its pile of withered plants.

And so, since she couldn’t help with the planting, Hexi entered the Spirit Firmament Palace and began collecting food ingredients. After the Master and pet pair had heartily eaten, Dandan continued transforming the withered plants back into useable spiritual plants. Meanwhile, Hexi started harvesting the already ripe spiritual vegetables and spiritual fruits in her space, cooking them into delicious food.

Looking at the Spirit Firmament Palace filled with spiritual fruits, a thought flashed through Hexi’s mind about brewing wine.

One must know, that the value of spirit wine was very high. Coupled with diluted spirit spring water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, the brewed wine would be extraordinary.

Hexi buried half of the wine jugs in the spiritual field, and placed the remaining portion of jugs in the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. In her previous life, she had also once brewed wine and placed it in the spirit spring. Back then, after three to four days, she had discovered that the brewed wine was a success. Moreover, after only brewing for such a short time, the spirit spring wine, compared to wine brewed in the real world for a few years, had a far richer taste. Now that the spirit spring had been promoted, the quality of the wine would have certainly increased.

As for the spiritual field, the previous spiritual field was barren and filled with sandy soil. Due to this, she had never even considered burying wine in it before. But now that the Ancient Rhyme Spirit Field’s spiritual power is rich, it might be possible that the quality of the wine will greatly improve, and she wanted to give it a try.

However, what Hexi was unaware of, was that growth rate of the Ancient Rhyme Spirit Field had increased a hundredfold. It was now not only effective to the spiritual plants planted on top, it also affected the spirit wine buried below.

And so, when she finally went to uncover the spirit wine, the fragrance of the wine was almost potent enough to intoxicate all the beasts on a mountain. Hexi was totally dumbfounded. Of course, this is already way more than she could have hoped for.


The next morning, Hexi left the courtyard early to go to Hell King Manor.

Compared to yesterday, the amount of martial artists at the base of Cang Mountain had now increased. Their expressions were filled with anxiousness, determination, and excitement. The ranks of the martial artists from last night had varied between Qi Refining stage, and Foundation Establishment stage. Today, there weren’t any Qi Refining stage martial artists to be seen, instead, it was all groups of soldiers who were either Foundation Establishment stage, or Meridians stage martial artists. And many of the clothes the martial artists were wearing were of the same design, clearly indicating that they were from the same clan.

Fortunately, they all gathered on the west side of Cang Mountain, while Hexi’s courtyard was on the east side. Coupled with the proper camouflage, no one had yet noticed the existence of her courtyard.

However, there was a lot of curiosity in Hexi’s heart. In the end, just what had happened inside of Cang Mountain that it could make so many martial artists rush here. Once her business with Nangong Yu was concluded, she was determined to investigate. After all, here is where her headquarters were located. If there really was a secret territory, Hexi would feel that she had failed if she let others discover it before herself.

With the morning sunshine just starting to warm the top of Hell King Manor’s glazed tile roof, Hexi arrived before the door of the manor.

At this point, she was wearing a white moon brocade robe. With a jade crest in her hair, it showed off the elegant and refined facial features of her disguise as a man. Her skin was exquisite; just like porcelain. Long shapely eyebrows were above phoenix eyes that seemed to radiate an inner light, while her lips were the red of ripe cherries. She was obviously dressed up as a man, yet she still attracted the gazes of people on the road.


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