The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 174 – Since When Does Who I Am Concern You?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 174 – Since When Does Who I Am Concern You?

Chapter 174 – Since When Does Who I Am Concern You?

The Third Prince hadn’t finished speaking, when he suddenly saw Hexi’s appearance as she turned around. With his voice lodged in his throat, he completely stiffened in place.

There’s often an ancient description of a beautiful man that went “As bright as the sun and moon, like a lone pine standing on the edge of a cliff. With a graceful bearing, and refinement matching the most exquisite jade”. At the time, the Third Prince would scoff when listening to these words, rejecting the thought of a man ever being compared with a delicate and beautiful woman.

But now, seeing this youngster before his very eyes, he became stunned, like he lost his soul. If those ordinary and vulgar people from his residence were to be arranged in front of this youngster, the difference would be like a pearly white cloud compared to mud.

The angry look on the Third Prince’s face immediately vanished, his expression changing into one of a refined and warm spring wind. In his hand, a fan suddenly appeared, his countenance confident and elegant, “This humble one is named Shangguan Rui, if I may ask, what is Young Master’s name? Did you come here to visit Hell King?”

Stunned by the youngster’s peerless beauty, the crowd had momentarily forgotten how to breathe. But when they heard the Third Prince’s question, they returned to their senses’, their hearts’ full of doubt.

A moment ago, when the Third Prince and Princess Zhen Yue had requested to meet with Hell King, Butler Nan’s attitude towards them had been neither cold nor hot. Not only that, even when Princess Zhen Yue had drawn a sword against him, Butler Nan hadn’t reacted in the slightest.

Yet suddenly, towards a mere youngster, Butler Nan’s attitude was like that of a completely different person. His face had always been refined and formal, but now a smile had lifted his cheeks enough to form wrinkles. In the end, who is this youngster?

Hexi saw the Third Prince’s sudden dramatic change in behaviour, his pretentious prick-like attitude making her teeth ache. Without paying any attention to him, she turned around to leave.

Butler Nan’s eyes were cold as he glared at the Third Prince. This is the Princess that Master fancied, their Hell King Manor’s future Madam; whoever it is that dares to covet her would be damned!


At this moment, Princess Zhen Yue who had been stunned by Hexi’s appearance sobered, and walking forward three steps, she blocked Hexi’s path and arrogantly asked, “My Third Royal Brother asked you a question, didn’t you hear him? Who are you? Why can you enter Hell King Manor?”

Although this juvenile was handsome, when compared to Nangong Yu’s appearance, although he wasn’t inferior in any aspects, Princess Zhen Yue’s heart wasn’t swayed. Instead, indescribable loathing and jealousy were all she felt.

Hexi sneered, lazily glancing at Princess Zhen Yue from the corner of her eye, “Since when does who I am concern you?”

“Brazen! Do you know who I am?” Zhen Yue pointed at Hexi’s nose as she cursed, “How dare you talk to me like that! Believe me, I will get people to…”

Hexi slapped the finger away that was being pointed at her nose, laughing coldly, “Oh, really pitiful, she’s even forgotten who she is. If anyone present knows who she is, they better hurry up and do a good deed by informing her. If the mind isn’t stable, then you should avoid leaving home and being a public disgrace. Go back and remember to tell the doctor to give her brain medicine.”

“You–!! You dare–!!!” Zhen Yue’s complexion turned purple with her anger, her body trembling.

Everyone watching heard what was said and couldn’t help but laugh. However, they didn’t dare be too impudent and restrained their amusement due to her status as a Princess. As a result to restraining their laughter, their expressions distorted and their bodies violently trembled.

Ordinary people were afraid of Princess Zhen Yue’s status, but the guards of Hell King Manor and Butler Nan were nowhere near afraid of her status. So without restraint, the corner of their mouths turned up, and although they didn’t make a sound, their eyes clearly showed their ridicule.


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