The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 177 – Wu Yu Lacks Integrity
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 177 – Wu Yu Lacks Integrity

Chapter 177 – Wu Yu Lacks Integrity

Qing Long hadn’t yet finished speaking, but Hexi was already blushing. Without hearing anymore, she could easily guess what this group of people had seen, and at this moment, she really wanted to find a hole to bury herself in.

Bai Hu, however, thoughtlessly smiled, “To address you as Princess is Master’s order, if Princess has an objection, you can talk to Master! Oh, by the way, Master has been waiting a long time for you in the Water Pavilion. Princess, please quickly go!”

Do you think that there is any use to complain about it to him? Grinding her teeth, Hexi removed a box of food from her space and handed it to Bai Hu, “This is the meal that your honoured Master ordered yesterday, quickly send it to him. I’ll go and prepare the herbal medicine that will be needed later.”

Bai Hu didn’t dare take the box. Instead, he took an exaggerated step backwards, waving his hands in denial, “Princess, please spare this subordinate. If Master sees that the one who enters isn’t Princess, and rather it’s this subordinate, he will skin me alive. Princess, you should quickly go and personally deliver it. Master will definitely be happy to see you; maybe it will help speed up the recovery of his condition and he will quickly get better too.”

“As for dealing with the herbal medicine, Old Qiu has already mastered it and is willing to help Princess, right Old Qiu?”

“Yes, yes!” Old Qiu stroked his beard, beaming at her, “It’s an honour for this old man to be able to help Princess!”

Hexi’s heart became depressed, yet with no excuses left, she turned around and walked towards Nangong Yu’s Water Pavilion.

At this moment, Hexi was still carrying the box of food in her hands, and because she had moved, the aroma of the food permeated the air. As Wu Yu watched it all play out nearby, he couldn’t help but breathe in deeply.

“This…what is this smell?”

Wu Yu craned his neck towards the box of food, constantly trying to catch a glimpse of whatever was inside. His gluttonous behaviour caused Bai Hu to burst into loud laughter, and patting Wu Yu’s shoulder, he said, “This is Princess’ specially prepared spiritual food, its delicious taste can be compared to the delicacy of a jade dish. I even dare to say that although you’ve sampled fine foods from all over the world, it absolutely can’t compare with the food Princess makes. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never crave any other food again.”

As one of Nangong Yu’s subordinates and as one of the four ferocious beasts, Wu Yu was positioned at Gluttonous House. All it would take is for someone to see his post to know that he has a hobby dedicated to eating fine foods.

So when he heard Bai Hu, the longing in his heart grew extremely difficult to endure. Blinking his eyes at Hexi, Wu Yu suddenly resembled a small loyal dog trying to act cute.

Hexi froze when confronted by his foolish eyes. Was this still Gluttonous House’s impressive looking Young Master, Wu Yu? His foolishness was practically on the same level as Bai Hu’s!

The most depressing part though, was that this guy continuously circled around her, and as he jumped about, he repeatedly shouted, “Princess! Princess!”. It was like the noise of a devil; piercing her ears, and Hexi was itching to slap this buzzing fly away.

Even Qing Long couldn’t stand watching this display, and holding his forehead, he wished he could just drag this shameless guy out of Hell King Manor. However, he understood Wu Yu’s character. Usually he was careless and leisurely, not paying much attention to anything, but once he cared about something, he would fight to the death for it.

And Wu Yu’s cultivation base, while it wasn’t particularly high, by some odd twist of fate nobody was able to match him in skill. Even himself and Bai Hu wouldn’t be able to subdue Wu Yu.

Ultimately, Hexi couldn’t do anything about his pestering and withdrew another box of food from her space. As she threw it at him, she coldly said, “Just this once, never to be repeated!”

Wu Yu caught the box of food. Breathing deeply, a rich fragrance assailed his nostrils, and immediately his eyes shined brilliantly, making him look like a child eager to devour the entire box of food.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》