The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 178 – Let Them Get Used To It Firs
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 178 – Let Them Get Used To It Firs

Chapter 178 – Let Them Get Used To It First

Hexi helplessly shook her head, hearing Dandan’s protesting voice as it said, “Whaa…Mother doesn’t love Dandan…it won’t matter if you give the delicious food to the Big Brother that you play kissing with, but why did you also give it to other people? Obviously that was Dandan’s, whaa…Mother doesn’t love Dandan anymore!”

What is this brat talking about!?


Qing Long soon brought Hexi to the Water Pavilion. At this moment, the Fire Crystal in the Water Pavilion had been removed, and surrounded by ventilation, with the wind blowing and causing the gauze to flutter, it seemed cool and comfortable inside.

Hexi had barely entered the Water Pavilion when she noticed Nangong Yu sitting by the bedside, wearing only a white satin robe. Half of his long hair was draped over a shoulder, while the other half was tied up with a silver braided tassel rope. Watching him from the side, she could only see the high and straight bridge of his nose, refined and handsome facial features, and his transparently pale complexion.

Hexi and Qing Long had obviously entered the room, but it seemed as if Nangong Yu was completely unaware. With his slightly drooping long and thick eyelashes, his whole countenance appeared weak yet beautiful.

Abruptly, a trace of indescribable pain was felt in Hexi’s heart. She didn’t like seeing this man looking so frail; he should be high-spirited and overbearing. Yet in order to save her, he had now become so weak.

Hexi gently knocked on the door. It was only then that Nangong Yu turned his head, and seeing that it was Hexi, his cold countenance very quickly melted into one of a gentle and soft smile. “You’ve come?”

His tone was flat and nothing special, but it contained deep happiness and expectation, making Hexi’s heart beat wildly in her chest.

Composing herself, she walked forward while carrying the box of food.

Soon, one of the servants that served in the Water Pavilion walked over to take the box of food, arranging everything in it on the table.

When the smell of the food spread throughout the room, no matter how trained these servants were, they couldn’t help but take deep breaths in. Swallowing the saliva pooling in their mouths’, they restrained the longing on their faces’ with difficulty.

Because the people of this world were unaware of the existence of seasoning, many people that ate spiritual foods were only concerned about its spiritual energy, and at most, they only ate sweet and salty things. So when they ate Hexi’s specially cooked food, they simply didn’t dare to believe that food could ever have such a great taste.

That’s right, ever since Nangong Yu had eaten Hexi’s food at her home, he had began to ask her for packages of food without any sense of shame. And so, the people in Hell King Manor were now more or less experienced with something called delicious food. Even though they weren’t able to taste it, just seeing the colour, smell, and spiritual concentration, coupled with Bai Hu’s high praises, they knew that the food was of the highest quality. And when they were cleaning up the dishes, their fingertips would be stained with sauce, causing them to feel extremely hungry.

Alas, if only Princess would marry into Hell King Manor she could then teach at least one tenth of her cooking skills to the manor’s kitchen, it would be great.

“Prince and Princess, please enjoy the meal.”

Hexi all of a sudden returned to her senses, the word “Princess” echoing loud and clear in her ears. She couldn’t help but say to Nangong Yu with a low voice, “Since when did I became your Princess? You should make it clear to your subordinates, tell them to not call me Princess again. Later on, they can just call me Xi Yue!”

Nangong Yu used his chopsticks to carry some food into his mouth, and while enjoying its fragrance and taste, he laughed lightly. “Since Xi Er will be my Princess sooner or later, is it wrong to let them call you that earlier? It’s good to let them get used to it first.”


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