The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 184 – You’re…Awake?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 184 – You’re…Awake?

Chapter 184 – You’re…Awake?

In any case, the Spirit Firmament Palace has the effect of protecting the freshness of stored items. No matter what was placed inside, when it’s removed, it will still be exactly the same as when it was originally stored.

Hexi had now refined a lot of medicinal pills, unfortunately, all of them were only first grade pills. When she had attempted to refine second grade medicinal pills, she ultimately failed due to a variety of reasons.

There was a note written in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture mentioning that the intensity, and the rank, of the spiritual fire would affect the grade of the medicinal pill. So even though she wanted to refine a second grade medicinal pill, it apparently seemed that the rank of her spiritual fire wasn’t high enough, leading to any attempts failing.

However, Hexi’s failed medicinal pills were different compared to other refining masters’ failures. Their failed attempts at refining would end with the medicinal pills crumbling into powder, and the entire furnace exploding!

Yet when Hexi’s attempt at refining second grade medicinal pills failed, small round pills still formed. Compared to normal second grade Supplement Spiritual Pills, these were a little smaller and darker. Hexi thought for a moment, then she decided to store the failed pills away and research the cause of the failure at a later date.

During this period of time, Hexi of course still went to check on Nangong Yu’s condition. While he had continuously slept for all three days, Hexi had continued Nangong Yu’s treatment of medicinal baths, plus other treatments. And to avoid him being angry, she had continuously drugged him into unconsciousness for those three days, stopping his treatments only yesterday.

The results of the treatment were better than expected, as sure enough, Nangong Yu’s body had become stronger than before! So although the effects of Hexi’s medicinal treatment was very powerful, to ordinary martial artists, they would find themselves devoured instead of healed.

Yet Nangong Yu’s body had unexpectedly been able to adapt, easily passing through three days of treatment. On top of that, the Cold Poison in his body had dispersed, letting the spiritual power once again circulate in his dantian. Even the injuries he’d previously received in the Flame Cave were gradually recovering.

It can be said, that until today, Nangong Yu had already completely recovered. But now that he had regained the peak phase of his cultivation base, until the next time the Cold Poison attacked, he wouldn’t need to worry about it.

Right now Hexi stood behind Nangong Yu and began to remove all of the Silver Needles from his body.

The moment the last Silver Needle was pulled out, Nangong Yu’s eyes abruptly opened.

Hexi had just happened to move in front of Nangong Yu, when she suddenly came into contact with a pair of beast like eyes. Luminous and fiery, they gazed into her eyes, causing her to momentarily stare blankly.

“You’re…awake?” Being stared at with such a piercing stare, Hexi didn’t know why her heart started to grow apprehensive. It was as if she was his prey, instinctively making her want to escape. “Then, since you’re fine, I’ll go back.”

Finished speaking, she replaced the Silver Needles in her space and turned around to run away.

However, before she was even able to turn around, her wrist was gripped tightly by a certain man. The big palm that held her back no longer felt as cold as ice, rather, it was scorching hot, like burning charcoal.

Fine beads of sweat formed on Hexi’s forehead. “Stop it, what are you doing…”

Hexi hadn’t yet finished speaking when her body suddenly rose into the air, and since she completely lacked the strength to resist, she was dragged into the medicinal tub.

Due to the surprise, Hexi cried out in alarm and felt herself drink a mouthful of bitter medicinal water in the process, causing her small face to pucker up as she repeatedly coughed.

“You’re crazy! Do you want me to choke to death!” Finished speaking, she used one hand to support herself on the edge of tub while she jumped out.

Unfortunately, before she could escape, Nangong Yu pushed down on her shoulder with one hand. Then, gently pulling her back, he trapped her between himself and the tub wall. “Naughty little thing, choking to death is too cheap for you.”

Hexi was intimidated by his burning gaze, and because of their ambiguous position; their bodies sticking closely to each other, she could feel her face turning red.

Using both hands, she pushed on Nangong Yu’s chest to create some distance, her face taut with the effort she was exerting as she said, “What are you talking about?! I don’t understand!”


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