The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 186 – Forgive My Clumsy Eyes
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 186 – Forgive My Clumsy Eyes

Chapter 186 – Forgive My Clumsy Eyes

It was all because of this scoundrel making her angry, it was his fault that her IQ had decreased!

Sure enough, when Nangong Yu heard her words, he lowered his head and kissed one of her red earlobes. “Hmm, what Xi Er said is right! I’m yours for as long as you want, I’m your man!”

Hexi was just about to retort, when Qing Long’s nervous voice suddenly sounded from outside. “Master, Ice Lotus Fairy has come to pay a visit.”

Qing Long knew that his Master was currently together with Miss Nalan, so who ever dared to disturb them must be prepared to be skinned alive. However, the person who came is Ice Lotus Fairy, so he had no choice but to inform Master.

Nangong Yu looked at Hexi, pondering for a moment before he said, “I’m occupied at the moment, let her wait a while.”

Qing Long peeked inside the room from a crack in the door, and sure enough…what occupied at the moment, is it taking a bath together with Miss Nalan? Qing Long silently scoffed, yet on the surface he still answered respectfully. “Yes, Master.”

Just as he was about to leave, he heard Hexi’s distinct voice from inside the room. “She doesn’t need to wait, he has time now.”

As Hexi finished speaking, she pushed Nangong Yu away while glaring at him, then turned around and pulled herself out of the medicinal tub.

Hexi was able to use her spiritual power to quickly dry the clothes on her body, unfortunately, yellow stains were clearly visible, while there was still a distinct smell of medicine. And although her clothes were now unsightly, she was unable to do anything about it as she didn’t have any spare clothes to change into.

Fortunately she was currently wearing men’s clothes, so even if she was dressed somewhat sloppily, it wouldn’t cause people to pay attention to her on the streets.

Once Hexi finished straightening her clothes as much as she could, without bidding farewell, she pulled open the door and rapidly fled the room.

The distinct sound of Nangong Yu’s bright laughter could be heard echoing behind Hexi, causing her to gnash her teeth!

Qing Long had thought that he was used to seeing the interactions between his Master and Miss Nalan, yet watching this scene, he became shocked and bewildered. What had Master been doing with Miss Nalan for him to reveal such a rarely seen expression?


Hexi accelerated as she fled through the courtyard, continuously using one hand to smooth out the wrinkles on her clothes.

While she was passing through the courtyard, a group of people were heading towards her. Hexi didn’t want to be delayed in Hell King Manor again, and moreover, she obviously didn’t know who these people were, so she intended to just ignore them and leave.

Yet just when she had turned around to go down another small path, she heard a tender voice shout, “Stop!”

Hexi stopped, and looking over, she saw a delicate and beautiful woman dressed in purple separate herself from the group of people. Placing one hand on her hips, she used her other hand to point at Hexi as she angrily said, “How can you work in Hell King Manor when you don’t even know to pay your respects to my Young Miss when you see her?!”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and coldly said, “Who told you that I work in Hell King Manor?”

As Hexi spoke, everyone’s attention was suddenly drawn to her face, and once they clearly saw her appearance, they couldn’t help but gasp.

This youngster was dressed in old and wrinkled robes, and there was only the smallest amount of spiritual power fluctuations coming from his body. But unexpectedly, his features were so radiant and beautiful, especially his eyes. They were like bright and cold gems; sparkling and translucent, they were piercing with their gaze.

Because of Hexi’s outstanding features, the woman dressed in purple was stunned and forgot how to momentarily speak. But detecting that Hexi’s cultivation base was only Qi Refining stage, disdain was immediately visible in her eyes. “You’re merely a rude boy who’s an insignificant Qi Refining stage martial artist. Even if you’re not one of Hell King Manor’s people, if you’re able to enter and exit here, you ought to know that my Young Miss’s status in Hell King Manor is special. It’s only natural that you should pay your respects to my Young Miss…”

Hexi simply wanted to laugh when she heard this woman’s annoying and stupid words. Crossing her arms in front her chest, Hexi coldly looked at the woman. “Who’s your Young Miss? Forgive my clumsy eyes, but I don’t see any important person here that deserves my respect!”


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